Do you Believe in Aliens? Read this for Proof Aliens Exist!

Do You Believe in aliens

Popular culture has been promising us contact with aliens for the better part of five decades. We have yet to see hide nor hair of grotesque humanoids with laser pistols and anal probing equipment, but is this proof that aliens don’t exist? Or are our intergalactic brethren just too careful not to be spotted. Here are some scientific facts that could finally satisfy our sci-fi fantasy needs.

Kepler 186f

Earlier this year, NASA announced that they had found an Earth sized planet within the habitable zone of a distant solar system. For a little bit of clarification, the inhabitable zone is the distance within a solar system that allows water to pool on the surface of the planet, allowing for an atmosphere and ultimately the conditions to sustain life. Why are we looking for planets like Earth and not ones that are inhabited by see-through silicone based tentacle people? The reason is simple, we know of only one planet in the galaxy that can sustain life and that planet is Earth. So, playing the game of probability, NASA scientists and researchers are assuming that a planet similar to Earth will have the highest probability to sustain life.

What does this mean to humanity?

Let’s say aliens do exists, what would that mean for humanity? If we take our own world and society as an example, I’d sadly say it means conflict. Anytime you take a local population and introduce immigrants or migrants to them, inevitably there will be friction. As the entitled local population stakes claim for resources available, the introduced population will also vie for a part those same exact resources, which are finite to begin with. Wars are fought for resources. Much like humans are looking to the solar system for viable alternatives to living on Earth, aliens visiting us might be doing the same thing.

What can we do?

If aliens finally reveal themselves to us, diplomacy might be our only choice. Since they managed to travel from a different solar system to ‘visit’ us we can automatically assume that they have technological superiority. We on the other hand have managed to get to the Moon a couple of times while manned travels to Mars are still in the realm of science fiction. If these aliens want resources all they would have to do is take them using their advanced technology. The only thing we could actually do would be to find the most suave, charming people in the world and make them Intergalactic Earth Ambassadors; granted, of course, that their social etiquette is the same as ours.

Project Blue Book

This legendary US Air force study into UFO incidences has various rules regarding contact with extra-terrestrials. The project also included protocols that would be taken in the case of alien contact but the project was scraped in the late 60s early 70s. Fortunately for us, the U.N. is actually creating an Office for Outer Space Affairs with Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman at its helm.

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