Do You Really Have What it Takes to Work at Home Full Time?

Working from home has its benefits and drawbacks. Of course it is a luxury and privilege to work from home, but staying in the house all the time for work and then going a few feet to relax could be difficult. For some, working from home decreases productivity and for others, it is a better situation as they work better alone.

Lack of Interaction with People

When you work from home, there are no coworkers to have a chat with during lunch with or plan outings with. Of course you’ll become friends with others on the same work platform but it is cyber interaction as finding others in your same area is rare.

Long Hours

Many find that working from home involves long hours. However, those long hours often pay off since most WAH (Working at Home) professionals have the ability to make their own schedules. This means that you have the freedom to attend events, enjoy the sun or just take a nap if you had a little too much fun over the weekend.

Slow Periods

Freelancers and customer service agents often experience slow periods. These are typically near the end of the year when the focus is on the holiday season. Although temporary workers are brought on to handle overflow, there isn’t always overflow.

Depending on the area you are working in, the slow periods do vary. This means a cut in hours if you work for a company or less work being available if you work a freelance position. Budgeting throughout the year is a must because the savings will likely be needed to get by during these slow periods.


In the WAH realm, competition is high. If you are just starting out as an at home employee, you may find that you fill out dozens of applications before you get a response.  This does not mean that you don’t have the skills; it just means that someone else has written a resume and cover letter that stands out better than yours does.

You have to take the time to figure out how to market yourself and stand out to employers so that you get the WAH job you really want.

Lack of Exposure to Society in General

When working from home, there really isn’t any exposure to society or the outside world unless you are out for entertainment purposes.  This is troublesome for some at home workers but others find the solitude to be refreshing.

You should determine if you require social interaction or not before opting for a work-from-home job.

Freelancing versus Working for Companies

Weigh the options of working at home as a freelancer versus with a company. Some companies require at home workers to carry a schedule, which is great for those that require structure in their lives. Those that need their freedom would do better as a freelancer. The competition in the freelance world is tough so prepare yourself for that. As a freelancer, there are no fringe benefits such as paid holidays or company assisted health insurance benefits.

Working at home definitely has its benefits. It does get lonely sometimes, so if you do not have an exact schedule to keep, take a day off and do something fun with friends. Weigh the options, benefits and negatives heavily before deciding to work from home instead of outside of the home.  If you enjoy your quiet time and listening to music as loud as you want, working at home is for you. If you’re willing to work long hours and work hard at making a name for yourself, this is something to consider.

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