How to Do Your Cardio At Work


The last thing we want to do when we leave the office is hours of Cardio. I have an alternative for you. It's called INTERVAL TRAINING.

With work our schedules can be hectic and we need to get more 'bang for our buck' in the gym. We don't want to have to go and slave over a Cardio machine for hours. This may be relaxing for a stay at home mom who has her 'own time' in the gym to relax but for the face paced lifestyle of a busy job, the gym is sometihng we need to get done, and get out of the way.

Get excited people because if you learn to love this, it will love your body back so much that you’ll be wearing nothing but booty shorts and bikini tops this summer (or a speedo if you’re a guy).

Interval training is just training in bursts, and rests.

Let’s use a treadmill for example (you can follow this pattern on any cardio machine — if you train at home, grab a jump rope!)

You want to run as fast as you can (I imagine myself being chased by either Flava Flav, Amy Winehouse, or Octo-mom) Be creative, choose your own. It may even be your grandmother, either way, run your booty off for – get this – ONLY 1 MINUTE, then treat yourself to a nice relaxing stroll for 1 minute.

When your 1 minute stroll is over, it’s time to burst again like a cracked out hamster! Pretend you’re on an episode of Cops, and get back to the grind – run for 1 minute full force again. Then chill for a minute with a nice steady pace walk. Are you getting the pattern?

So run (1 min) then walk (1 minute). Do this for 30 minutes, eat up and challenge yourself the next day. When you feel comfortable, try running for 2 minutes, and walking for one. Keep challenging yourself, this is how we keep it fun! Get in the zone, and before you know it, you’ll be dropping pounds and feeling great.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym banging out hours of cardio

I want you guys to try this out and let me know how it works for you. I did it skipping today. It felt great, and now I can eat up, guilt free, and know that the gym will be there for me tomorrow with a new challenge everyday!

I combine interval training with my weight training. If you have more time in the gym, then hit the ‘Testosterone Zone’. Shed (cardio) and shred (tone up)!

Hope I just saved you guys time in the gym, so you don't have to stress about hours of cardio after work.