Do Your Employees Enjoy Their Jobs?

As a manager it is important that your employees enjoy their work; if they are unhappy in the workplace, it may result in poor production, performance and a bad reflection on you as a manager.

Employee evaluations can help you to ascertain how much your staff enjoy their job, however, these situations can also be very misleading, with many employees avoiding saying their true feelings in case it affects their evaluation. 

An alternative route to finding out whether your staff are happy at work, is to monitor their behaviors. Here are some of the tell tale signs to look out for…

Are they sociable?

If your staff socialize with one another, or consider themselves to have friends at work then it implies that they have respect for their colleagues and enjoy their company.

Do they come to you for help and support?

Being ask for support or assistance with work related problems shows that your employees respect you as a manager and value your opinion.

Do they stick to their agreed hours?

If your staff put in extra time at work by arriving a bit early or leaving a bit later, then you can assume they are dedicated to their work and enjoy being there.

Are they calling in sick?

If your staff are calling in sick regularly, this may be a sign that they want to avoid work. Be sure to check how each employee is coping, in the workplace and health wise. 

Your staff goes the extra mile

Not all employees who enjoy their work will necessarily go the extra mile, but if you have staff that do – you can almost guarantee they are happy at work. 

Do you have to deal with workplace grievances?

If the number of complaints or workplace problems are constant, and  you find yourself having to fix problem and problem, then this may be a sign your staff are unhappy. Be sure to hold regular staff appraisals, hand out surveys about the workplace and request feedback from your staff on what improvements they would like to see. 

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