Does Employee Of The Month Work?

As a manager it is your responsibility to maintain satisfaction amongst your employees in the workplace. Satisfying everyone is an impossible feat however there are certain techniques that can be adopted that will help to improve the contentment of your staff members in the workplace.

A cause of contention amongst many is the concept of ‘Employee of the Month’. Some people feel that it is an effective way to spur employees, whilst others feel that it does very little to boost employee morale or encourage people to work harder. Before considering incorporating Employee of the Month into your workplace environment, you may wish to consider the following:

What does "Employee of the Month" Mean?

Employee of the month is a concept used by many managers to acknowledge the hardest working employee in a given month. It is used as a way to reward good performance without using money as a reward or giving time off.

Why adopt The "Employee of the Month" Incentive?

Recognizing and rewarding employees at work is a very important yet complicated process. Employers obviously prefer their staff members to be intrinsically motivated to succeed, rather than having to be spurred by an extrinsically motivating factor.

However there will be times when you need to incorporate alternative measures to give your employees the boost they need to work harder. Failing to recognize employee performance can have significantly detrimental impact on the attitude of your employees, as they will be made to feel worthless, unrecognized and ineffective.

Incorporating Employee of the Month is a delicate balancing act that requires precision and correct execution. You cannot just begin recognizing an Employee of the Month without having a plan in place.

Below are some tips on how to correctly incorporate Employee of the Month:  

  • Precisely identify what must be done to achieve the reward
  • Learn how to objectively recognize model performance
  • Keep your monthly timing consistent
  • Award good work and high productivity
  • Recognize more than one person’s success
  • Do not reward with cash
  • Adopt measures that encourage employees to aspire to achieve Employee of the Month