Does Your Company Care About You?

overworked young woman

Companies have a reputation for being a little, well faceless. They are like massive machines, each employee being a little cog just turning around on itself. But, is this perception true? Are you an insignificant little part of the sum? Or does your company really care about you? Let’s take a look.

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I know, this is the probably most painfully obvious sign that your company doesn’t give a rat’s posterior about you. If you are compensated so poorly that you would jump at any other opportunity, then your company probably isn’t particularly bothered with keeping you on board. Fair financial compensation is one of the biggest factors in regards to employee retention, and the funniest thing (if there is anything funny about not being paid enough) is that losing an employee can actually cost a company almost 2 times said employee’s annual salary.  

Upward Mobility

This can get a little complex, and there are a few parameters that affect the outcome. First and foremost there needs to be positions for you to be promoted to. If your organization doesn’t have any senior positions, then it isn’t that they don’t care about you, there is just nowhere to go. On the other hand, if your company offers promotions but you are constantly passed over even though you deserve them, then it’s a strong indicator that they don’t care about you. I know that’s adding insult to injury, but what can I do the world is a cruel place.

No Feedback

If you are completely in the dark or management doesn’t give you constructive criticism, then your company might not think you are that important. I feel horrible revealing all this nasty stuff to you, but knowing is half the battle. Also, if any and all input that you offer regarding your position is immediately shot down, then that might also be an indication that the company can’t be bothered to deal with you. Although having an entirely hands-off boss might seem like a blessing, eventually without an end-point or goal, you will lose focus and work will become a frustrating waiting game, trying to complete tasks for the sake of it.

Micromanaged and Not Trusted

People who are heavily scrutinised and micromanaged are not trusted, and if you are not trusted, then you are probably not valued either. I know, that sounds a little weird, but think about it; if you trust someone you also trust their ability to take positive and beneficial initiatives, you trust their intuition and their work ethic. You care about them because they are a valuable asset to you and your company. A person that you can’t trust is someone that has little to no value to you.

Out Of The Loop

If you find yourself lacking important information regarding your position, responsibilities or projects you have worked on, then management might not consider you worthy of that knowledge. It can be quite frustrating too. For example, if you spent months working on a project and then upon its completion you have no idea of the outcome. The flow of information (or lack thereof) is a two-way street, if your boss isn’t remotely interested in what’s going on with you outside of work (in a very personable not predatory way) then obviously he/she doesn’t care about you.

Personal Factor Deux

If your boss doesn’t care how work affects your personal life, then I hate to break it to you, but he probably doesn’t care about you either. For example, if you ask your boss to give you a day off to manage personal affairs or obligations, and he does not try to accommodate you, then you are probably not that valued in your organization.


Although being ignored is pretty harsh and can become emotionally tiring, full on abuse is probably much worse. If you notice that management likes to lay on the unfounded criticism thick for no reason, then you might be a victim of workplace bullying. It’s actually a pretty wide-spread phenomenon too, VitalSmarts conducted a survey of 2,283 people and found that an astounding 96% had at some point experienced workplace bullying. So don’t scoff when I talk about bullying in the workplace. Even if it’s not the bosses doing the bullying, if they are aware of it but don’t do anything to avert it, then it couldn’t be more obvious that your company doesn’t care about you one bit.

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Are there any other signs that indicate your company doesn’t care about you? Let us know in the comments section below, because after all, misery likes company right?