Does Your Job Dictate How Much Coffee You Drink?

Most coffee drinkers will tell you this; we are devoted to our beverage of choice. There is nothing better than a steaming mug of coffee which helps us to get through the working week, especially in the mornings when coffee can be held responsible for getting us going and making it to the office on time. For some of u, coffee plays such a pivotal role in our daily working lives that without it we’d probably be hardly able to function in the workplace - only the most devout coffee drinkers will understand that.


A recently conducted survey by Pressat has revealed that 85% of employees drink up to three cups of coffee a day and that some employees are more likely to drink more coffee than others. If you think your coffee drinking habits are just well, a habit, what you do for a living is probably the reason why you just can’t get enough of the stuff. The survey polled 10,000 employees which also revealed that 70% were entirely dependent on a caffeine fix to get them through the working day. Here’s a list of all the surveyors’ occupations according to how much coffee they drink:

  1.        Journalists
  2.        Police officers
  3.        Teachers
  4.        Plumbers
  5.        Medical professionals
  6.        Corporate execs
  7.        Telesales
  8.        IT
  9.        Retail
  10.    Drivers

Journalists take the number one slot on this list which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise because journalism is one of the most high-pressure, stressful jobs out there. Keeping up with press releases, breaking news stories, chasing leads and practically the entire process of putting together a newsworthy story will challenge even the most seasoned news reporters.

This survey also includes a health warning, journalist or not, drinking too much coffee can be associated with health risks:

“Consuming copious amounts of coffee just to get through the stresses and strains of a working day can cause increased risk to your health, from strokes to anxiety, and right through to heart problems, although the survey found that 62% of workers were not aware of the health risks.”

If more employees were aware of the negative health risks perhaps less of them would opt for a cup of coffee. The results of this particular survey show that work-related stress encourages most employees to drink coffee. This highlights that employees are under an increasing amount of stress in the workplace and that this stress is more prevalent for certain workers.

Taking into consideration that some jobs can be more stressful than others, relying on coffee during the working day is something that nearly all workers are guilty of. However, what most employees should pay attention to is not just how much coffee they are drinking on a daily basis, but how much stress their job is causing them - drinking too much coffee is pretty much a by-product of work-related stress.

Finding ways to reduce stress in the workplace is an ongoing issue which is something that more employers should address for the sake of their health and wellbeing in the workplace. Stress is just part of the territory when it comes to work, employees should also take responsibility to ensure that they are not pushing the limits by drinking far too much coffee no matter how stressful their job is.