Doesn't Play Well With Others

Going along with the rules at work has always been a problem for me. I was never capable of kissing ass for too long. Although I wouldn’t recommend being ornery in the workplace, still the most that comes from acting as a “Team Player” benefits those at the top of the ladder. While you are standing there, holding the weight, everything moving like clockwork … somebody else is reaching into the cookie jar.

I think that this is mostly bullshit.

But what can do you about it?

Most of us have to go along with some form of servitude. We cannot idly dispose of our days, in the ways that we want. Of course, this is a free country … so that right there should make clear what I mean when I write out the word “bullshit.”

Then what does it take for us to actually be free?

It takes a whole lot of servitude, for somebody else’s profit. Or it takes a certain amount of blind ignorance about the world. Most people enjoy their free time not worrying about things like the Gaza Strip, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Egypt…. We save that sort of analysis for those peacocks on CNN.

Isn’t it funny? Because all the work we do is taxed. And our taxes go, onerously, to the Federal government. And the Federal government is well-practiced in the art of sending our tax monies overseas. (Or pretty much doing whatever the hell they feel like doing with it. Who is they anyway?) Yes, we fund places like Israel and Egypt. And we go to war with countries that couldn’t spell the word DOLLARS. Just a million here, a billion there. Whatever amount is appropriated. It’s all for the benefit of spreading democracy….

What can you do about it?

Not much, I guess. Just keep on working. Pretending that everything around us is fine.

And that’s what people do with their jobs. They need a means of supporting themselves. This is a society in which nothing is handed away for free. Er, what?

These are the sorts of things that have been in my mind, for many years. Especially it was mushroomed into prominence by the ugly debacle of 2008. Which was really quite astounding, how little outcry there was, considering how many people ending up being homeless, unemployed, looted, robbed and left for dead.

It’s nothing, really. These things just happen. And they just happen, these things, precisely because we go along with them. We let them happen.

The bind we are in, and how we are being pulled by the collar, grows more ominous with each passing day. Things are costing more money. Clinging to jobs is breeding more desperation. And on the streets of the cities in this collapsing Empire, people are losing their minds.

So what is really going on? Are we supposed to be chained and blinded by our own lives, so that we cannot even see in what direction we are headed?

When you stop to think of it, that’s a scary sentiment: that we are losing control of this nation.

And the wheels keep on turning.

We keep showing up at our jobs. The rent has to be paid; the utility companies won’t wait on your enlightened self-righteousness. They can’t cash that at the bank.

This country, my country -- the United States of America and its allies -- we are slowly being consumed by a blockage of corrupt bankers, politicians, investors, all inter-mingling to form some kind of an evil lurking monopoly, with a lust for worldwide power and dominion. We are being led by a bunch of assholes, for their own monetary ends. And it is a domino-effect, straight on down the line. From the highest position, to the lowest. We are all included in this scheme.

There is something very treacherous going on, and without our knowledge. Our labour is being ransacked, nickel-and-dimed; by the worst kinds of scum-sucking looters and criminals the planet has ever known. And while we keep mechanised the machine that we are all a part of, those that believe themselves to be above the Law keep in the shadows, wreaking havoc, siphoning our labour and distorting our financial systems.

This is not conspiracy. It is just the truth of what is happening on this planet. Something for which you can’t (or won’t) make the time for.

You’ve got other things to worry about.


Image Sourced: Nick Drake