How to Dominate Social Media in 2015


When brushing up their social media profiles for the New Year, one of the first questions many people have is how to maximize the impact these profiles will have on readers in the New Year? There are a few simple steps that can be taken to help create the most effective profiles possible. Profiles which will invite reader engagement and help drive traffic to your personal site.

Have a Simple and Effective Profile

One of the first things a new reader will see when visiting a social media page is the profile of the person that started it. Make sure that the information is easily understood and stands out from the pack. One good way to do this is to utilize a screen name that reflects both yourself and the topic you prefer to discuss. Make a point to keep the screen name short and easily read.

Beyond that, make sure to be honest with the rest of the information provided. If an inconsistency is discovered later on, it can easily translate to a marked decline in readership due to a perceived violation of trust.

Rule the Content - Don’t Let it Rule You

Social Media thrives on the constant influx of new material. To build and maintain a steady readership, it is vital to constantly post relevant information that fits the digital persona you have created. A good rule of thumb is to type two articles for every one you post until you have three months in reserve. This will allow you to continuously publish content without having to worry about being ill. Just make sure to stay in touch with what is currently popular. An extra article on occasion is much better than missing several days.

Another strategy you can employ is to invite ghost writers to join in. It can serve as a strong boost for your profile, and help expose you to readers that normally would never have discovered your posts or personal site.

Interact With the Audience Carefully

There is a frequently quoted saying uttered by people that utilize the Internet extensively, "do not feed the trolls." This means avoiding walking into meaningless arguments that can swing far away from your article post.

Try to have a distinct policy in place, one which eliminates the possibility of a comment poster leaving material that will distract from the purposes of the post. A common reaction to this warning is to simply turn off the commenting feature on small sites or to limit comments only to friends on popular social media sites. That is a mistake - since it limits the ability for you to grow your audience. Having a very low threshold for joining a conversation can help people feel comfortable enough to join in.

A good way to approach this is to set the tone for the discussion by creating a starter question at the end of the post. Make sure to stick around and join in the conversation and to weed out those that try to derail it. Remember - it is up to you to create and maintain a healthy environment for the free exchange of ideas.

2015 is filled with the promise of many interesting developments in the social media world. With large corporations facing competition from upstart companies every day, there are bound to be many interesting things to discuss as the days and weeks march on.

Be prepared to create a welcoming community for those to engage in conversation with and be willing to try something new. Who knows, a ghostwriter may be just what your social media profile needs to succeed this year.






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