Don’t Leave! - Keeping Your Workers Loyal By Offering Loyalty in Return

No company wants to lose valuable employees to their competition. If you want to retain your employees, you must treat them well. If you are loyal to them and are true to your word, they in turn will be loyal to you.

Understanding Your People

You need to have a clear-cut understanding of the needs of each one of your employees and you must take steps to ensure that each person’s needs are met, in order to keep them happy and fulfilled at their job. You are also doing this to ensure that they remain loyal to your company and do not run off and join the competition.

To remain loyal to your workers, you need to understand the motivation of each one of them. Happy employees feel valued. They have work that keeps them interested and challenged. They want to keep moving forward and have the opportunity to rise higher in the company. If the growth potential at your company is nada, you will not keep good people for very long.

Job Offerings

Offering excellent wages that are on par with other companies similar to yours is a way to encourage loyalty, as is offering job security and job bonuses. Many employees value job bonuses over the prospect of a raise. Loyal employees are people who are treated as they are supposed to be treated, which is to say with respect, dignity, fairness, and compassion. If you are not a good listener and are not understanding when an employee brings a concern of his to your attention, word will get around and people will start to look elsewhere for work.

No one wants to work for a person who does not come across as being as human as they are. Being professional is important but you must keep your heart intact if you want to keep loyal employees. Once you lose your heart, your employees will scatter in all directions.

Criticism and Communication

Most individuals understand that criticism is often a part of a job but make sure your criticism is tactful and does not attack the character of the worker. Focus on the action the person took that was inappropriate. Leave your personal opinion of the individual out of the conversation.

Communicate with your employees at every opportunity. Have an open-door policy and encourage their input, ideas, and feedback. Have frequent face-to-face meeting with employees, either one on one or as a small group. A smart thing to do is to make use of breakfast meetings to keep staff apprised of everything that is happening at the company. Do not tell some workers and leave others in the dark. Loyal employees are people that feel that their voice matters and that their presence in the company makes a difference. Show this is the case by being open, honest and upfront with your workers.

Personal Lives

Keep in mind that your employees are not just employees but they have personal lives as well. They have homes and families that are of paramount importance to them. Do not refuse them the opportunity to make personal phone calls during working hours but instead tell them there is a time limit. Be flexible when employees ask for family time off.

Consider long term and short term rewards for your employees. The former might be profit sharing while the latter might be offering things that can make the lives of your employees easier, such as a drive home when they work late, dry-cleaning services, catering services, or such things as movie tickets or restaurant coupons for the time away from family with the worker is required to work extra hours.

Make Your Employees Feel Part of the Company Family

Encourage employee buy ins and make your employees feel a part of the company family as a whole. Offer workshops to help each worker better acquaint themselves with the products and services the company sells. Make sure your employees know everything they can about your product and how the products can positively help them as well as the customers. By understanding the products and/or services completely, the business will have more knowledgeable staff and employees that feel more competent about the products they are selling.

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Stand Behind Your People

Make sure you stand behind your workers when a problem arises. While you may be tempted to take the side of a client or customer for fear of losing a sale, there is a much greater fear of losing the employee. Employees will not be loyal to a boss who is not willing to back them up when a conflict or misunderstanding arises. Trust that your employee is doing his job to the best of his ability and contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right.

If you want your employees to be good to you, be good to them. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Make an effort to understand their motivations and to communicate effectively. When criticism cannot be avoided, make sure it is constructive and does not attack the character of the person. Offer as many incentives to your employees as possible and make them feel a part of the company family. It is also important that you recognise that the members your workforce have personal lives and need to have that respected.

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