How to Dress for Your Cabin Crew Assessment Day

How to Dress for Your Cabin Crew Assessment Day

As Cabin Crew, you are the face of your airline and are a representative for them on a day to day basis. You have to commit to uniform standards and be perfectly presented at all times. Airlines are brands and every crew member has to meet the same standards and be instantly recognisable in uniform. This should start right from your Cabin Crew assessment day and you only have one chance to make a great first impression.

Research Your Airline

Take a look at the Cabin Crew uniform and wear a similar style of business wear. Female candidates should wear similar styles of hair and make-up and male candidates should note the grooming standards and hairstyles too. You could also wear a scarf or tie in the airlines ‘colour’ to get youself noticed! This shows the recruiter that you have researched and shows how well you present yourself as Cabin Crew.

Personal Presentation

Look like you already have the job! This will give you a confidence boost as well as giving a professional appearance. If you have an inner confidence it will also reflect on how the recruiters see you as well as your peers.

Male Candidates

You should wear a navy, black or grey suit with a white shirt and a plain coloured tie. A black belt can be added for a streamlined look. Wear black socks and shiny black classic shoes – the recruiter will notice every detail! Do make sure that you are clean shaven and have tidy clan nails. Hair should be fairly conservative and without the use of much product – you just need to look well groomed. Wear a simple watch, one ring perhaps and no other jewelry. All your paperwork should be kept in a neat file.

Female Candidates

You should wear a navy, black or grey suit with a white or cream shirt – all well fitting. Black or navy high heels are acceptable and must be clean and worn with nude hosiery. Nails should be kept short and neat and buffed if natural but red nails or French manicure are the standard too. Make-up should be classic and not too heavy – wear a good foundation and healthy blush. Eye shadow should be from the brown range and worn with brown or black liner and mascara. Lipstick is normally in the brown red or red shade for the classic Cabin Crew look. Hair should be kept away from the face and worn in a bun or pleat preferably with no ‘strays’ and must be kept above the shirt collar. Hair colour must be classic and even, nothing too strong or obvious and definitely no roots showing. A handbag in a neutral colour will finish off the look and you can wear a watch and one ring plus earrings in diamonds or pearl.

If you have any piercings that are visible, they must be removed. Tattoos as a rule are not acceptable for most airlines, however some airlines will accept non-visible ones or small ones that can be covered with a band-aid or make up – you should always check the airline’s requirements for exact rules on tattoos.

All of these rules and regulations might seem strict, but are an essential part of being Cabin Crew – so it is good to prepare yourself right from the start. Be committed to the uniform standard from your assessment day and impress the recruiters, remember they will judge you in those first few seconds, so make it a great impression and improve your chances of getting a job as Cabin Crew.