Dressing that Baby Bump for the Office!

Pregnancy comes with a host emotional upheavals – most of which begin in front of the mirror and the wardrobe. The universal feminine wail of “I don’t have anything to wear!” is perhaps the most true when we are trying to dress up the bump and ourselves in anything that doesn’t say frumpy, particularly when it comes to office wear!

Most maternity dresses are worn by reed-thin models, wearing an artificial bump – so the dress fits them perfectly. But with us real-life gals, putting on 20-40 pounds is normal and so the dream of a perfect silhouette goes pop pretty fast. While you don’t have to enhance your bump if you don’t feel the need, there’s no reason to try and hide it either; frankly hiding it in any case is hardly possible! Being pregnant is something special and completely natural. So dressing up during a pregnancy need not be dowdy or dull – this is one time when you don’t need to hide those extra pounds. All that extra weight can be used to your benefit and along with the rosy glow of being pregnant – the right clothes can you make you look rather sexy and stylish, even if you prefer to be in office till the last possible day! Here are 5 pregnancy wardrobe must-haves:

  1. Empirical-Waist Dresses: The messiah of all women with bumps – the empirical waist-line still shows of what was before the bump and what could be once the bump is a baby! Since empirical dresses are A-lines or pleated, the swishing actually makes you feel feminine and more like your real self. A pair of maternity high-waist underwear and a good sturdy bra can also even out that silhouette a little.
  2. Pretty Flats: Heels are out and so is your posture – waddling like a duck doesn’t make you want to reach for those stilettos in any case and most if not all doctors would advise you to stay away from heels to avoid putting more strain on your pelvis. Buy pretty flats – strappy, lacy, embellished, and embroidered and match them with equally pretty accessories. Match the flats with your bag or your dress – being a nifty pregnant dresser will make you an inspiration for many!
  3. Colour-Up: Being pregnant doesn’t mean you need to wear wallpaper colours to make your bulk seem smaller, especially when it comes to office. This is one time when you don’t have to bother about your bulk – it’s okay to be overweight and rosily pregnant. There’s plenty time to lose that weight later. So dress up yourself and all your bulk in pretty colours – poppy colours will in fact put you in a happier frame of mind. And do dig out that fuchsia blush and crimson lipstick. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you need to shy away from make-up. You may choose organic make-up if chemicals worry you at this stage.  
  4. Tights: So yes, your bump doesn’t need tight clothes constricting it, but neither do your legs need ill-fitting denims for office. Buy maternity jeans or pants that give you plenty of space to adjust your bump, but also seem to fit your your legs. Pair them with a tight blouse and a jacket or shrug, some comfortable flat boots and you are on your way of being one sexy mama.
  5. Cleavage: Unlike KimK, most of us aren’t comfortable with any skin show while we’re pregnant. But plunging necklines are an awesome way to feel sexy and tend to look adorable on women with bumps. A wrap dress, a peep-hole blouse or just a V-cut shirt looks very pretty. They can also be paired well with tights and some nice accessories for good office or party wear!

So there you have it, five great outfit and wardrobe ideas for you to have comfortable but stylish maternity office attire.




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