Dressing Tips for Tall Women to Look Great in the Workplace

Being tall has a lot of advantages. Several sports would need certain height requirements from players in order for them to play competitively. Certain tasks and household chores are made easier if a person has a long reach. Even at work, having the extra height would be very advantageous as it can capture attention and lend a commanding presence. However, being tall could sometimes translate as being awkward and unsightly. This definitely undesirable for any career oriented women

This often happens to some ladies who find that they are taller than others and feel a little uncomfortable about being so visible. So instead of basking in the attention that they get, they would tend to shy away as they are not confident in how they look. This is certainly not a desirable trait for a career oriented women/

If you happen to be one of those tall women who find themselves at a very awkward state because they are unsure of themselves, give yourself a break by looking great all the time. This will give you the much needed confidence to get you through your day in office and otherwise, no matter how much you may stand out from a crowd.

It will also impress your bosses and peers when they see you always looking snappy and poised. In fact, you will probably enjoy the attention that you can get if you know that you look fabulous. You can go to work looking and feeling confident which can often translate to being more efficient and effective at work as well.

1. Break the long vertical line that you present with smart horizontal pieces. These could include belts, jackets, and printed shirts with vertical lines. Such items will make you seem less tall yet still look great in your clothes. They will also add more volume to your figure. Wearing jackets that are cut at the waist will not only make you look better, they also make great power suits for the corporate woman.

2. Tuck your shirt in. This is in line with wearing horizontal pieces that will help break the monotony of seeing just one long vertical line that is your body. It’s also more appropriate for work since it looks more formal than leaving your shirt loose. Tucking your shirt in will also give you a certain sense of style and be able to complement your figure more as it often trims down the body.

3. Look sexy in heels. When you are in the corporate world, it almost always follows that women should wear power heels. While you may be conscious enough about your height, wearing chunky shoes and flats could often be unflattering for your figure. To keep from looking too tall, wear kitten heels as an alternative. They aren’t as high as regular stilettos yet they are graceful enough to show off your legs.

4. Wear the right kind of skirts. There is something very attractive and powerful about a woman in a skirt which is probably why this is a favourite office ensemble. Every woman would understand that there are certain skirts that would best suit a certain body shape. For tall women, it is best to wear skirts that would be able to show their knees. Avoid wearing straight long skirts as much as possible as this will make you seem longer.

Wearing skirts with volume like A-line skirts always work best for tall women. If you happen to have really long legs, you can even wear short skirts with high boots. It is sexy enough without looking too revealing

5. Match your body proportions. Body proportions for people are usually different. There are some blessed with longer torsos, others with longer legs. If you happen to have a longer torso, high-waisted bottoms are your best options. If you happen to have long legs, accent them with tight skinny jeans that will show them off to the best advantage.

Skinny jeans are usually not too appropriate for work though, unless it happens to be casual Fridays, so you can opt for fitted slacks which can look just as good.

6. Go wild on prints. One of the advantages of being tall is being able to pull off any form of print since you have the length for it. Certain prints will make you seem smaller. A petite woman would never be able to pull them off but you can do it with ridiculous ease. To make your print more appropriate for work, use structured clothes.

Tall women are usually some of the easiest people to dress. Count yourself lucky if you happen to have the height. You can be able to wear a lot of things that could suit you fancy. However, just be mindful that you follow some of the crucial fashion tips to look cool and fabulous in and out your office.




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