How to Drive Successful Customer Acquisition

A poor customer acquisition strategy can doom your business. If you can’t bring in new customers consistently and retain those customers you already have a relationship with, then your business will not be able to generate enough revenue to stay viable.

Luckily, customer acquisition has become much easier, as well as more affordable, since social media has become a prominent part of our society. You must use social media to your advantage in developing a successful customer acquisition strategy.

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1. Know Your Position in the Market

You cannot sell your products and services unless you have an intimate knowledge of what you are selling. You need to know your product inside and out, but you also need to know how it fits into the market and why it stands out from your competition.

You must know what is unique about your product and how to turn that into a selling point. Then incorporate that into posts on social media, email messages, and other marketing materials.

2. Set Goals for Page Views and Social Media Shares

Setting goals is one of the most important aspects of any business venture. Goals establish metrics that you can use to judge the success or failure of your customer acquisition strategy.

Be sure to set aggressive goals, but also make sure that they can be achieved. Track your goals frequently. You should generate reports weekly which outline how close you are to attaining your customer acquisition goals. If it looks like you are coming up short, take a step back and reassess your strategy.

3. Locate Potential Customers on Social Media

Use your existing customers to find out what social media sites your target customers visit most often. After making a sale, ask the customer where they saw your marketing material. Keep a running tally and focus marketing resources on the sites that generate the most customers.

4. Pay Attention to Social Share Buttons

When you post on social media, be sure to include share buttons. These share buttons will show how often your materials have been reposted, and to which sites they are usually reposted on. This is important in identifying customer trends and behaviors. You need to know what social media sites your potential clients are using and the share buttons are an excellent tool to gather this information.

It takes a big commitment to share something on social media from a business. The sharer is essentially endorsing your product or service and encouraging others to read your material. More shares mean that more people are invested in your company and you need to take advantage of it by focusing on those social media sites. 

5. Have a Great Landing Page

So you’ve went through all of the work to identify your customers, learn what social media sites they frequent, and you’ve developed some awesome posts. These posts contain links to your website. You have to get them to the website to make the sale. What happens if your landing page is terrible? Maybe it hasn’t been updated in five years, or none of the links or menus work. If this is the case, all the previous work won’t matter.

A potential customer will not consider doing business with you if your landing page is subpar. Bad landing pages make customers think that the company is not innovative, while they also tend to make the customer feel less secure about sharing their personal information. You must have a well-designed and functional website if you want to succeed. It is also important to make sure that your landing page looks good across all platforms and devices.

6. Encourage Potential Customers to Connect

Even if you have a great landing page, some customers will not buy the first time they visit your site. They may be impressed with your products or services, but they might not be in the position to buy at the moment. You need to take steps to make sure that once they close the page, you don’t lose them forever.

Incorporate email sign-up forms into your website. You may want to create a monthly newsletter that you can email to your potential and existing customers. Also, add clickable content that asks visitors to “like us on social media.” Advertise discounts and other special promotions when people agree to connect with your company via email or social media. This is the best way to build a client list.

7. Understand Your Successes and Your Failures

It may be clichéd, but knowledge is power. Never end a sales process without knowing why you succeeded or failed. Customer feedback is the key to understanding customer acquisition strategy. You must ask your customers why they are buying your products or services and you need to try and understand why others didn’t.

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You can use this feedback to update you customer acquisition strategy. If a customer says that your landing page was really impressive, then you know that you don’t need to devote time or money improving it. If a potential customer says that he or she didn’t buy your product because your landing page didn’t seem secure, then you know you need to fix that immediately.

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The world of customer acquisition has changed dramatically and you need to make sure that you are knowledgeable of the changing landscape. Traditional marketing is a thing of the past in most industries. Cold calling and mailing advertisements are not nearly as effective as using social media to acquire customers. People spend hours a day on social media, and your company needs to have high visibility on this emerging platform.