E-learning Trends to Follow in 2015


The fact that e-learning has revolutionised the educational sector is not something new. The rise of e-learning’s popularity isn’t showing any signs of slowing. It is expected that by 2019, nearly half of all college classes will be based on e-learning. The cloud-based Learning Management System, TalentLMS, recently published an infographic outlining the top e-learning trends for 2015.

Here are a few highlights:

  • E-learning has grown so much that big data has become an essential part of data processing. Big data can broaden the understanding of the learning process, track learner and group patterns, analyse relevant feedback, and so on.
  • With gamification, learners can remember things easier and perhaps become more productive.
  • Personalised learning could involve adjusting the pace of instruction or the learning approach, enabling the learner to choose his own learning path. This method gives the learner freedom to choose what to learn, when to learn, and how to learn.
  • M-learning, or mobile learning, affords the learner access to the course anywhere and anytime they need it. It can involve multiple learning styles and lets individuals put learning in context.
  • The ROI (Return on Investment) of e-learning is a crucial element to take into consideration. Although it is difficult to calculate, you should consider the costs of personnel, technology, content creation, and other less obvious costs against travel savings, trainer costs savings and other logistics.

Explore more interesting e-learning trends and facts that will dominate in 2015 in this enlightening infographic.




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