How to Earn Money While Studying Abroad

If you thought that homesickness was the greatest challenge of studying abroad, you probably have never been broke. All the freedom that comes with being in college can easily render you broke for the better part of the semester. Studying abroad means that no one is watching, especially your parents. You have parties to attend, new places to visit, and partners to take out for dates. At times, you may also struggle to pay your tuition and fund your personal effects. You need to find a unique way of earning that extra money.

1. Babysitting

Babysitting? Yes, you can make that much needed extra coins through this avenue if you don’t have a problem with sparing an occasional Saturday or Friday night. Babysitting is a simple way of earning some quick cash. It’s like you’re getting paid to do your assignments and watch SNL once the children fall asleep. A good starting point is letting your instructor or that classmate with a kid know that you’re available to look after their kids whenever they need these services. Ask them to spread the word among their friends.

2. Tour Guiding

You need to settle and be familiar with your host country before engaging in tour guiding. If you have an interest in discovering new places, knowing your way around the new country will be simple. Start by discovering areas within your college city and be sure to mark all the must-see sites. Now don’t hesitate, show others how to navigate around for a fee. Your first target customers should be your classmates.

3. Do Assignments

There is no secret that college or university students don’t fancy doing their homework or assignments, especially those that are involved in sports or busy with other commitments. Moreover, most of them do not attend some classes and look for people to do their homework and assignments. Be prompt and ask your friends if you can do their assignments at a fee. By linking with your friends, you can ask them to refer you to their other friends who require the same services.

4. Offer On-Campus Laundry Services

Most college students despise doing laundry. If you have the heart, or you’re in need of some cash for your tuition and personal effects, you can wash your friends’ clothes for a few dollars. Focus on college sportsmen and women. They are usually among the first students to require laundry services.

5. Act as a Marketer of a Company

Another way to earn money is by acting as a representative or a marketer for a company on campus. It can be a café, grocery store or a hotel near the campus. You can arrange with the company so that you market them to the students, and you get paid either weekly or monthly. In addition, you can get paid on a commission basis from the people you refer to the company. Such a job will require you to be outgoing.

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There are so many part-time jobs that you can do and still concentrate on studying. Aside from the ideas mentioned above, selling fast food at college events or parties is also another option. However, for this opportunity you will have to consult with the institution’s administration first. Whichever option you decide to make some cash, be careful to manage your time well.




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