Easiest Places To Get Lost When Commuting

When you are in a hurry to get to work, no matter where in the world you may be, there are certain places that you know you need to avoid for obvious reasons. Busy streets and traffic lights make traffic unbearable and arriving to work on time seems to be like mission impossible. However, there are many obstacles that we face getting to work not just these.

Then again if you are travelling on a bike or on foot, it’s easy to get distracted, either by wandering around the lively streets or looking at those attractive shopping windows and as such get carried away. What’s worse, it’s even easier to get lost if you live in any of these stunning cities as their breath-taking beauty must be extremely distracting.

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Take a look at the top 10 places that you can easily get lost in when commuting:

1. Old Delhi, India

The capital of Old Delhi or Shahjahanabad – as it used to be called, has a population of nearly 17 million people and it is currently the busiest area in Delhi. As the capital of the once great Mughal Empire, the area is full of historical spots that force you to take a break from walking just to stare at their distinctive structure. Judging from the image, Old Delhi does look pretty chaotic, don’t you think?

2. Islamic Cairo, Egypt

The medieval area right in the centre of Cairo still preserves its ancient beauty as opposed to other modernised areas of the city. Monuments and attractions include a number of mosques, museums and parks that are definitely worth the time for a stop on your way to work. By visiting  Islamic Cairo, you get to witness some of the traditional sites of Egypt and get familiar with its unique cultural beauty.

3. Venice, Italy

Who wouldn’t want to get lost in Venice? While this sounds like a big romantic dream, getting lost in Venice seems more like you are trapped in an endless maze to which there is no way out. If your commute to work requires that you pass through Venice every day, make sure that you take a note of the streets and turns you need to follow as Venice’s identical canals, and bridges can force you into a longer stay than you intended.

4. The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

If you are in a hurry, you should never pass through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, which is considered to be the oldest and largest covered market in the entire world. It consists of 61 covered streets and over 3,000 shops that offer everything your heart could ever ask for, from food and clothing to carpets and anything in between. On a daily basis, the Grand Bazaar welcomes about 400,000 visitors and last year it had more than 91,250,000 visitors making it the world’s most-visited tourist attraction.

5. The Moscow Metro, Russia

This beautiful rail system looks more like a museum than an underground metro. That’s because the Moscow Metro exhibits the some of the most impressive monuments and glories of Russia, making travelling by train to work more exciting and enjoyable. First designed around the 1930s, the metro has over 195 stations that are available for you to explore.

6. Fes El Bali, Morocco

Fes el Bali or Medina of Fez is the oldest area of Fes in Morocco and it is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Originally the capital of the Idrisid Empire, Fez El Bali has become popular for hosting the oldest university in the world as well as for being the biggest car-free urban area in the world. This makes it even easier for you to get off-road as the area is often full of people walking around from all different directions. 

7. Mumbai Train Station, India

It’s India again. As it turns out, places get easily overcrowded in India, specifically the Mumbai Train Station. Every morning at half past eight, this train station gets filled up with thousands of people, who are desperately trying to catch trains to work that carry up to 3,000 more passengers than they are designed to. If you ever find yourself there, try to stay calm and wait for the rush hour to end at around ten o’clock.

8. Beijing’s Hutongs, China

Hutongs are narrow alleyways and courtyards that reflect the rich culture of Beijing and some once housed the upper classes from the Yuan Dynasty including dukes, princes and monks. Since then, a large part of Beijing hutongs have been demolished to make space for new roads and modern residences, but many areas still preserve the Chinese cultural history. People from all around the world visit the place to observe the unique architecture of the buildings and ancient mansions. Be warned, though, they are not all user-friendly and are easy to get lost in.

Getting lost somewhere you’ve never been can be quite a unique experience. That’s when you get some time for yourself to explore and learn more about the culture of a place. So, whether you are purposely looking for a place to hide or escape for a while, these ten destinations should be ideal for you. If, however, you are keen to get to work on time, then you should avoid them at all costs!

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How about you? Have you ever been to any of these places before? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.




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