The Easiest Way to Renew Your Medical Certifications

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This article is brought to you by United Medical Education which is building community awareness regarding ACLS BLS & PALS online training and the importance of emergency medical education.

Working in healthcare can be extremely demanding. Professionals already working in the field know that whatever their position is, they have a lot of responsibilities, because a single mistake could cost someone's life. This is why medical professionals are required to undergo a lot of training.

If you are interested in getting a job in healthcare, it makes sense that you equip yourself with the right tools and skillset. Apart from getting adequate experience in the field, you will also need some qualifications that can confirm that you have some expertise in the area. Getting certified can give you a huge advantage in the job market, especially today, where there is a lot of competition and a single certification, can have a huge effect on your employment status. But, the good news is that employment prospects in the healthcare industry are starting to pick up.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in healthcare occupations is projected to grow 19 percent from 2014 to 2024, creating about 2.3 million new jobs. With an ACLS, BLS or PALS certification, an individual who is interested in becoming a medical professional will have more chances of scoring a job in the field.

Courses Available

United Medical Education offers a range of courses to suit the needs of every individual. To be more specific, it offers courses in three different areas ACLS, BLS and PALS. Each course provides different kinds of knowledge on both basic and specialist areas within healthcare.

Here’s a quick explanation guide if you are not familiar with them:

ACLS – Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support: this is a set of clinical interventions for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest stroke and other life-threatening medical emergencies. These include a set of instructions that every professional need to follow as the standardised method of treatment and are called ‘algorithms’. A course in ACLS helps to develop the knowledge and skills to be able to carry out these interventions.   

PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support: a PALS certification helps to develop the knowledge and skills that are essential to taking care and managing critically ill infants and children improve their health .This includes recognition and treatment of infants and children at risk of cardiopulmonary arrest, effective respiratory management and others. PALS can be used during the stabilise and transport phase of a paediatric emergency in and out of hospital.

BLS – Basic Life Support: this is a level of medical care which is used for victims of life-threating illnesses or injuries until they can be given full medical care at a hospital. Similar to ACLS, BLS uses a variety of algorithms for the effective management of conditions such as cardiac arrest, choking and drowning. As such, a BSL certification is considered to be necessary for the medical personnel including emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

The courses are being offered in three different ways:

  1. a) Classroom-based: this involves a classroom-based training course with the supervision of an instructor from the American Heart Association. This is more practical and offers the opportunity to develop your skills and on hands-on skills through practice and testing.
  2. b) Blended: this is a more flexible course that offers a combination of classroom and online training that provides testing for CPR and other psychomotor skills. It requires taking part in a hands-on skills session with an AHA instructor and completing the cognitive portion of the course online.
  3. c) Online: this is a self-directed eLearning course that offers the kind of flexibility you need to learn things at your own It doesn’t require that you undertake skills testing and you can take this anywhere.

E-Learning is the Easiest Method

Most people prefer to enrol in the online courses because they are more convenient, easy and quick to complete. United Medical Education is the fastest provider of certification and recertification in ACLS, PALS and BLS because you can get it in just under 60 minutes. The way it works is quite simple as well. As soon as you complete the course, you get an instant digital provider card and a one-year round and 24/7 access to your course.

As AMECC accredited courses, the ACLS, PALS, and BLS that are offered by the United Medical Education, aim to provide students with an easy and flexible way of learning, equipping them with the knowledge every modern medical professional needs without distracting them from whatever they have going on in their lives. The online courses provide the easiest and fasted route to getting certified but they also offer a couple of other benefits that are worth looking into. By registering on an online course you get the following:

  • Online exam with instant grading.
  • Free course manuals.
  • No time limit on exams.
  • Unlimited exam retakes.
  • Practice exams available.
  • Hardcopy card with free shipping.
  • Accreditation by certified physicians.
  • No skills test required.

Getting a Renewal

Depending on your interests and professional aspirations you can make your own choice on the different courses available. All three types of certifications (ACLS, PALS and BLS) are considered to be essential for everyone trying to break into healthcare whether you are a student, who is just starting out or a professional who is already working in the field. But, while it’s important to get certified, it’s also crucial to maintain your certification status throughout your career.

Apart from certification courses, there are also recertification courses available, and you can get your ACLS renewal as soon as your card expires. For your own convenience, United Medical Education provides a Renewal Reminder service that sends you an expiration alert whenever it’s time to renew. Once registered you can create your own renewal account and get the alert just before your recertification date to avoid accidental card expiration.

Once you get your expiration alert you need to take the following steps:

  • Review your free online course materials.
  • Briefly review the course materials.
  • Take the online tests provided and receive your results.
  • Get your provider card and certificate.

The Process is Fast and Easy

According to the American Heart Association, each provider card is valid for two years after you have completed the course and the card continues to be valid until the end of the month in which it expires. Once the end of the month has passed, you will need to take the full course to renew your card. This means that you need to make sure you get your renewal before the expiry date.

The process of getting a renewal is just as easy as getting certified when it’s being administrated online. The United Medical Education ensures that this process is as easy, simple and quick as possible. It gives you the chance to do it on your own time without attending any classroom sessions or travel to a certification centre. Also, it confirms that your personal information stays safe and kept from any third parties, which is crucial.  

Getting certified with ACLS, BLS or PALS can work as a great advantage to your career. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge in the medical field, check out the products the United Medical Education provides and make your pick according to your own needs!

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