Eat and Drink Your Way to Productivity

Who among the successful workforce doesn't want to be more productive with the hours that they spend working? No one wants to work longer, but we all want to work better, faster, and more effectively.

Did you know that you can be more productive just by eating and drinking the right things? No, I'm not just talking about coffee! The lists below are filled with the best foods and drinks to add to your day…

What to Drink for Productivity

Caffeine -- Of course coffee and tea are going to be on this list of productivity-boosting drinks. However, not all caffeine is healthy - particularly the stuff accompanied by lots of sugar. Stay away from high-sugar, caffeinated drinks like soda, bottled coffee drinks, and most caffeine-based energy shots.

Water -- Water helps to rehydrate your brain, keeping it working well. Your memory suffers if you don't have enough water, so it's important to give it the fluid it needs to function at 100%.

Cocoa -- You don't want the highly sweetened stuff, but instead go for the very dark chocolate, sugar-free options and add your own sweetener. Cocoa contains flavonoids, which sends blood rushing to your brain with every bite. It's not a huge rush like with coffee, but it's steady and lasts for much longer.

What to Eat for Productivity

Citrus Fruits -- Lemons, grapefruits, and oranges will do more than just pucker your lips - they'll help to keep you awake and alert. Even just smelling an orange is as good as drinking a few sips of coffee, and you'll find that the Vitamin C boost will do wonders for your brain as well!

Berries -- If it's brightly colored and has the suffix -berry at the end of its name, it's good. Berries are nutritional bombshells that are loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants will help to improve your memory, increase concentration, counteract oxidative stress on your brain, and even stimulate your motor coordination.

Avocadoes -- The healthy, unsaturated fatty acids found in avocadoes has been scientifically proven to keep the membranes of your brain cells flexible. The more flexible they are, the better they will function.

Nuts -- Handfuls of these tasty treats can be high fat, but it's good fat. Nuts contain the same fats found in avocadoes, so they'll help to keep your brain working well. Stick with walnuts or cashews, as they contain the best balance of nutrients for a productive brain.

Salmon -- Salmon is called a "brain food" for a reason. It's loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to reduce inflammation in your brain cells and reduce aging. You also get plenty of B-vitamins, protein, and iron, all of which will improve your ability to recall information and increase your focus.

Eggs -- Who doesn't love to start the day with some eggs? These tasty little things contain choline, a form of Vitamin B that will speed up your brain's reaction time and enhance your memory.

Whole Grains -- Brown rice is the best of the whole grains in terms of brain boosting, but the truth is that quinoa, millet, barley, and all of the others contain the same vitamins and magnesium found in brown rice. It's these minerals and vitamins that will improve the cognitive function of your brain.

Fuel your mind with these foods throughout the day, and you'll be far more productive!




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