EC Pushes European Telecoms Market to Operate Under Single Roof

Have you ever thought how many times you have found yourself in a foreign country and considered whether to call abroad or even accept an overseas call because of the high mobile phone roaming charges? Well, this reality might come to an end soon, thanks to the recent European Commission’s proposal to scrap mobile phone roaming charges across Europe. The plan attempts to radically reform the mobile phone market by harmonizing the European telecoms market. 

This means that telecommunications companies would be banned from charging for incoming calls from July 2014 while all other roaming charges would fall by 2016.  It is expected that the effects of the proposal will have important benefits not only for individual mobile phone users but also for professionals, job hunters and corporations.

First of all, the standardization of European mobile phone providers’ charges will guarantee full and fair access to internet and mobile services. This measure will faciliate European wide recruitment through cross border communications, and European wide travel for business executives. Up until now, the high roaming charges has made traveling positions difficult for busiensses in tough economic climates because of the extorionate rates of calls and internet access, of which most small businesses cannot afford. 

Additionally, the plan will likely appeal to workers who are based away from their home country to help them communicate more efficiently and inexpensively with their relatives and friends back home, thereby giving workers more incentive to relocate for their career. 

Recruiters can also take advantage of this proposal. Instead of having to rely on Skype to conduct an interview with a candidate based abroad, this new measure will significantly enhance their communications via mobile phones. While skype is a free service, not everyone has access to it nor the time to arrange a Skype interview while on the move. Recruiters also find that the quality of Skype interviews is heavily subject to the broadband speed and would therefore prefer to use their cell phone to conduct an interview or perform any other form of communication (e.g send an sms, mms, etc,).

The horizons of mobile communications within the EU will soon be broadened. Currently, the mobile phone network EE has offers which include free calls, texts and lower roaming rates europe wide for a fixed monthly fee.