12 Editing and Proofreading Tools to Create a Winning CV

With only a few seconds to make a big impression, it's vital to have an eye-catching, impressive and error-free CV. Employers generally spend no more than six seconds flipping through a CV before moving onto the next one, so there is got to be something that stops them dead in their tracks and makes them want to read on. Spelling and grammar errors or problems with readability can really hurt a candidate's chances of landing that dream job. But it's not necessary to be a grammar wiz or a professional designer to really stand out from the rest. With the help of these online editing and proofreading tools and apps, creating a winning CV has never been easier. And, because it takes less time to create a better CV, more time can be dedicated towards tailoring a CV to a specific job rather than using a generic one, creating better and more relevant content, and hunting for that perfect job. A winning CV can show true potential, make a great first impression and really wow a potential employer.

1. DoYouBuzz

DoYouBuzz screenshot

Create a web, PDF and mobile format CV in just a few minutes using DoYouBuzz. A CV this versatile can go anywhere and be seen using any platform, which is becoming increasingly important in today's mobile device-driven world. Reading on the go is so much more common now that having a CV tailored to a mobile platform is almost a must. Meanwhile, being a computer genius is not required in order to create an amazingly multifaceted CV. DoYouBuzz helps you save time on the formatting end, so more focus can be directed towards improving the content.

2. Resume.com

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Pre-built templates take the guesswork out of creating a winning CV. Create, edit and share CVs quickly, using Resume.com’s free builder which also allows for multiple versions of a CV to be uploaded, so it can be specifically tailored to suit any job being applied for. CV building takes up a lot of time, but it's important to revise a CV for each specific job – this free builder lets users do both quickly.

3. Boom Essays' Resume Writing Help

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Boom Essays

Sometimes it's difficult to get the words from our head onto paper in a coherent and professional-sounding way that properly conveys all of the necessary information. That's when it's time to call in writing and editing experts Boom Essays for a helping hand. They'll quickly put together a professional CV for you that'll appeal to and attract employers. Because their 100% original content is always written by professionals in the field, it will always be relevant and accurate.

4. Readability-Score.com

Readability-Score.com screenshot

It doesn't matter what any candidate has got to offer a potential employer if they aren't able to read or make sense of that candidate's CV. This readability score instantly determines the level of a CV's readability so any necessary adjustments can be made to make it easier to understand. In many cases, getting the message through to the employer clearly is just as important as what the message is.

5. LiveCareer

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LiveCareer is a simple one-stop shop to cover any and all CV and career needs. From CV and cover letter building features to career assessment tools, LiveCareer takes care of everything. And, best of all, for just $19.95, they pair each user with a live professional that will review and polish their CV alongside them. Walking hand-in-hand through your CV with professional guidance each step of the way – it doesn't get much better than that.

6. Resume Genius

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Resume Genius

A properly done CV can be a time-consuming undertaking to get completed. In just 15 minutes, however, Resume Genius can help create a professional-looking CV with the instant assistance of their live chat along with their library of more than 50,000 phrases.

7. EssayRoo

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Professional, reliable and expert writers are always available at EssayRoo for any and all writing needs. Sometimes it's just easier to seek out a professional to get the job done, and that is true also in the world of CV writing. Professionals in the field they're writing about, the team at EssayRoo always creates original, accurate, custom and relevant content, guaranteed to be done to complete satisfaction.

8. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor screenshot
Hemingway Editor

For a quick proofread and edit, the Hemingway Editor tool is a handy and free app to download to almost any device. See errors or ways to improve writing in a simple, colour-coded format. It's easy to follow the highlights through any written work, showing in different colours where changes can or should be made. A breakdown on the sidebar provides a quick summary of the entire project, categorising each type of error, while the readability level of the work is also rated, giving a quick note about what grade level the writing is at.

9. Creddle

Creddle screenshot

Use an existing LinkedIn account to quickly fill in the information to create a CV, then select from the available templates to customise and complete that CV. Although Creddle is a fairly new website, it's quickly gaining popularity because of its easy-to-use features which allow users to sync their LinkedIn info into their CV, saving time in duplicating the information. It's all about saving time wherever possible, and Creddle offers a great way to transfer that information that's already been created.

10. Online CV Generator

Online CV Generator screenshot
Online CV Generator

Procrastination is the nemesis of so many people. Just getting started on a CV can be a daunting task. Lots of time can go into starting a new CV from scratch or updating one that's way out of date. It can be tough to even know where to start but, with Online CV Generator, there's guidance through each step of the CV building process from start to finish.

11. Krop Portfolio Websites

Krop screenshot

For those creative types who need some help crafting their beautiful, freestanding portfolio website, Krop is the perfect spot to start. There's no coding or hosting needed, and the constantly growing template gallery means there's always the opportunity to create the freshest looking portfolio CVs around. Sometimes a little inspiration is all that's needed to get the creative juices flowing, so perhaps a browse through Krop's beautiful gallery will spark that creative fire to help create an incredibly winning CV.

12. Career Igniter

Career Igniter screenshot
Career Igniter

Save time and money, and create a professional-looking CV in minutes using Career Igniter. A team of certified writers and developers are on hand to assist users with their questions, while the CV builder assembles CVs once all of the necessary components have been completed.

Creating a high-quality, eye-catching CV is the first step in standing apart from the rest. After just a few seconds, an employer will either decide to continue reading or move on to the next candidate. With a little help from these editing and proofreading tools, there will be no problems standing apart from the crowd and being noticed. Professional-looking, error-free CVs that contain clear, concise messaging are not as difficult to achieve when there are so many online resources to assist in putting them together. Anything is available from spelling and grammar assistance to total writing assistance from real professionals, so use what's available to get noticed and be heard.

Do you need help with writing an effective and compelling CV? Let CareerAddict’s professional writers spruce up your CV or write you a new one from scratch – just head over to our CV Writing Service page to get started. In the meantime, if you’ve got anything you’d like to add here, join the conversation below and tell us which editing and proofreading tools you use to create a winning CV.

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