Eduardo Campos Dies in Plane Crash

eduardo campos
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Eduardo Campos, the Brazilian presidential candidate, died on Wednesday when his campaign jet crashed in the Santos city, owing to bad weather. The crash killed all the seven members on board after plunging into residential buildings.

Aged 49, the socialist stood third in the opinion polls for the upcoming October presidential election. Campos was travelling to Sao Paulo for a TV recording, when the incident happened. This tragedy prompted countrywide mourning and is likely to cause uncertainty to the upcoming elections.   

Personal Life

Eduardo Campos did his Economics in the Federal University of Permambuco. He was the grandson of former governor, Miguel Arraes, who was also the former Federal Deputy. His father was the minister of Court of Accounts of the Union. He married Renata Campos and had five children.

Political Life and Achievements

Campos made his entry into politics as a young university student and was elected president of his Economic College Student Academic Center. In the year 1986, Campos declined an opportunity to do his Masters in the US, to participate in his grandfather’s election campaign.

In 1987, Campos took charge as Chief of Staff with Arraes’ election. During this time, he created the first Science and Technology Secretariat of the Northeast and the Science and Technology Support Foundation.

Brazilian Socialist Party

Campos joined the PSB or the Partido Socialista Brasileiro, in the year 1990. It was also the time he was elected state representative where he conquered the award - Leão do Norte award, for the most active member.

His Role in the National Congress

In the year 1994, Campos became Federal Representative with a whopping 133 thousand votes.  Campos, however left the post to group with the government of Miguel Arraes as Treasury secretary and Government secretary. He opted for a position of Federal Representatives and made a record breaking number of 173.657 thousand votes, which is the biggest voting in the state.

Eduardo Campos was the active member of Lula’s government in 2002, during his membership in the Federal Congress. He was in the list of Departamento Intersindical de Assessoria Parlamentar’s Inter Union for three successive years.

Ministry of Science and Technology

In 2004, Campos took office as the ministry of Science and Technology. He was the youngest among others appointed for the first tenure by President Lula. It was during this administration that the ministry re-elaborated Nuclear Energy Programs and reviewed the Brazilian Space programs.

The approval of Biosafety Programs had the biggest repercussion during his tenure. The program allowed trans-genetics and embryonic stem cells for research purposes. The approval of Technological Innovation Law was yet another unanimous achievement which resulted in enterprise regulatory framework. The creation of Brazilian Public Schools Mathematics Olympics was the world’s biggest Mathematics Olympics in terms of numbers.    

Brazilian Socialist Party Leader

Campos became Brazilian Socialist Party’s National President in 2005. His stay in the post was short as he preferred to part for the government State of Pernambuco. He was re-elected the president of the party in 2011 as the term continued till 2014.

His administration (2007-2014)

Eduardo Campos remained Pernambucco’s Governor for seven years. His administration was rewarded by various entities as he received various international awards including United Nations Public Service Awards (UNPSA). Campos announced Programmatic Alliance along with Sustainability Network of former Environment minister and Senator of Lula’s government. He also named Marina Silva as the Vice President of Brazilian Presidential election.

Campos Meets his end   

On the 13 of August 2014, Campos met his end as a private jet he was flying, Cessna 560XL, crashed into a residential building near Sao Paulo.