Effective Ways to Praise your Employees

A shocking number of employers have been seen overlooking the power of praising employees. Yes, we get it – the economy is fragile, jobs are scarce and employers have the power to ignore their employees. However, this company culture will only result in demotivated, unhappy and low performing employees. The power of recognizing each individual in your team has never been more important as it is now because head hunters scavenge for capable and hard working employees.

Do you want your employees to leave at the drop of a hat, or do you want them to think of their current job as one that they can learn and progress in? Once you have decided the answer to that, you will automatically realize the importance of employee recognition and development.

Here are 3 effective ways to praise your employees to boost their performance and productivity:

Don’t hesitate to praise in front of others

Many managers are hesitant about praising one of their employees in front of the others. It is advised to recognize the value of each individual, even if it is in front of other employees. By doing this, you are making your employees feel important and have a sense of achievement.

Don’t have a lag time

When one of your employees reaches a target or achieves a goal, make sure you praise them at that exact moment. Delaying praise can have a knock down effect on the self esteem of the employee as they feel unappreciated. The sooner you give them recognition, the harder they will work towards getting more.

Don’t overkill the praise

While giving recognition and appreciating employees is considered to be an important aspect of being a manager, it is vital that you strike a balance when offering praise. Managers should try to find a way to offer their employees positive feedback, while also given them constructive criticism so that they can perform better.