How to Effectively Connect With New Clientèle

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When we talk of new clientèle, first impression matters a great deal. And we’ve seen this time and time again - companies spending millions on ads just to net in prospective clients. However, despite making a wonderful first impression, very few clients actually end up being loyal customers. This can largely be blamed on a deficiency in effectively connecting with new clientèle.

What causes this Deficiency in connecting with new clientèle?

There are indeed various issues that cause a serious deficiency in connecting with new clientèle. However, for the sake of brevity, we’ll focus on three key concerns here which are...

#1 Ego

There are companies that pride themselves in having achieved great success over the years. Unfortunately, with greater success comes an even greater temptation of resulting to egotistic tendencies. A classic and very common case for instance would be serving clientèle according to economic class. We’ve seen companies hiking prices to develop some form of exclusivity. This sends the wrong message to new clientèle since quality product and service delivery is likely to be a costly affair.

#2 Market Size

Unfortunately, some businesses are terrible at dealing with massive clientèle. This can be largely blamed on profit driven ambition that’s meant to maximize on client numbers while at the same time, maintaining minimum labour costs. What this means is that customer service will always be overwhelmed with an avalanche of customer issues and complaints. And as we all know, delays in customer service bring about plenty of frustration especially to new clientèle.

#3 Complex Business Structure

Small companies usually have an easier time connecting with new clientèle. However, when it comes to the big fish, a complex business structure poses a great challenge. Reason being that this complexity extends to customer service. Thus, clients have to go round in circles being referred to several departments before their issues can be rectified. Such inconveniences of course will not help in effectively connecting with new clientèle.

How then Does one connect with new clientèle?

#1 Continuously Offer Meaningful Incentives to Keep them Glued

The most common incentive being offered by businesses during these tough economic times is definitely discount offers. These discounts tend to be bigger with bulk demands. There’s also the incentive of free complementaries to target a greater audience. For instance, a television that comes with a free VCR decoder. And of course, the very famous prize give-aways to be won by ’very active’ clientèle. The point of offering incentive is to make the new clientèle feel that their loyalty is worthwhile. Moreover, it shows that the company has got its clientèle interests at heart. But incentives alone won’t be effective unless you...

#2 Have a Courteous, Effective and Responsive Customer Care Service

I believe that customer service affects business image a great deal particularly when it comes to connecting with new clientèle. The first impression created with that first email or phone call to customer support will effectively impact clientèle perception about the company. I’ve personally witnessed companies with poor quality products having a great connection with new clientèle simply because customer service was courteous and responsive to their needs. And just for the record, the customer care representatives should learn to keep their word or else, serious legal implications might deal a major blow for the company’s reputation.

#3 Monitor evolving Clientèle tastes and Preferences for Relevant Innovation

Exceptional companies usually have an upper hand in connecting with new clientèle. And there’s no better way of being exceptional than consistently innovating products and services. However, such innovative efforts should be geared towards prospective interests of new clientèle. A good example is Apple. Their strong clientèle base can be attributed to the pleasant surprises they usually have in store year after year. Their connection with clientèle is so strong that iPhone fanatics usually camp around apple stores as the eagerly anticipate to grab the first few releases of the latest iPhone version.

So how is it possible to connect with new clientele? James Penney’s words of advice give us the answer; "Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement." Follow these tips and you will immediately make loyal and dedicated new clients.