How To Effectively Gather Customer Intelligence For Your Business

How well do you know your customers?

Customer intelligence is the act of gathering information about a company’s clients, audience and demographic. The information gathered is mainly used for campaigns, engagement and sales.

Collecting this type of information can help a business stay sustainable in following through with a marketing strategy. Companies that know their customers well know what they want and when they want it. This can result in more conversions and online traffic. Additionally, businesses with deep customer knowledge can assist client concerns more effectively. Because of this, conflict resolutions can be increased and more customers are happy.

Customer intelligence can also help boost the accuracy of forecasting. Less time is wasted on testing and more time spent on doing what works. Overall, this can also minimize business risks and failure.

What type of information should I be gathering?

Applying analytics to customer intelligence is known as data mining. Examples of information that can be gathered through analytics include:

  • General demographics data (age, gender, martial status, income brackets)
  • Geographical information (residential, location)
  • Comments (feedback, testimonials)

Are customer surveys still effective?

There are several effective ways to gather relevant data from your existing and prospective clients. The most recommended way is using VOC surveys. VOC stands for Voice of the Customer. This type of survey focuses on customer feedback and their personal experience with your product or service. The best way to conduct VOC surveys is through direct interviews. Alternatively, individuals may also speak to their sales representatives to better understand what customers are saying about their brand.

Surveys that are sent out to highlight VOC are used to uncover information about a company’s customers that aren’t obvious. A powerful marketing strategy that incorporates surveys first highlights the needs and wants of the customer. Next, a business should incorporate questions in the survey that connects their clients with the product or service. This can help assess which parts of the business are most beneficial for the customer.

For the development of the company, it is also recommended to shine light on customer expectations. Addressing these factors can increase customer satisfaction in the long run. Furthermore, a VOC survey can subtly reveal the true nature of your fan base.

Top 3 tools for customer intelligence

Crazy Egg: Crazy Egg is an online tool that can be used to monitor customer behavior. The system uses heatmaps to monitor website clicks. This is useful in getting the most out of your website layout. For example, if your clients frequently click on the top right part of your website, then it would be a good idea to put ads there or a banner displaying new products. On the contrary, if you notice that the elements that you want to get noticed aren’t receiving attention, you can use this tool to see why.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is essential for all websites. The tool doesn’t just track website visits. It also provides data about customers such as location, type of browser or phone used and etc. You can also use this application to track conversions.

Trackur: Trackur is an all in one social media monitoring tool. Customers regularly interact and provide feedback through social media. Therefore, it makes sense to make the most out of the online platform by monitoring it closely. The tool can be used to monitor a wide range of social media sites from Facebook to Reddit. Once you set a target, the application collects data on its own.

Do you have a favorite tool for gathering customer intelligence? Let us know what you think.