Effectively Managing Employees

Effective people management means getting the most out of all of your employees and helping them to work to their greatest potential. During a given working day, it is possible for employees to become distracted or de-motivated for any number of reasons. However having good people management skills will enable you to ensure that your team is working to effectively manage their time and avoid feelings of negativity or lack of enthusiasm.

Most managers have two primary duties: to manage departmental functions and to manage their team of employees. Striking a balance between the two will enhance the operations of your company and help you and your team to work harmoniously, productively and profitably.

Knowing how to be a supervisor and manage people effectively will help you to achieve this.

Avoid being too controlling

The first step in effectively managing employees is to stop striving for ‘perfection’. Perfection does not exist and you will not achieve this by trying to control everything. Many managers fail to make full use of the resources around them because they are afraid that their staff will not be as successful in the task as themselves. This sort of behavior is extremely controlling and damaging to any work environment. Managers of this sort feel that they have to do all of the bigger tasks themselves and will not delegate major tasks to their team of staff. This sort of behavior is extremely detrimental to the work place and will automatically limit the growth of any business. Work tasks slip up, emails are delayed and so on because management become too overwhelmed with work and insist on keeping certain tasks or responsibilities to themselves.

Get feedback

Conducting regular performance reviews with your staff will benefit both parties. This will give the employee an opportunity to learn how they are getting on and how you perceive their behavior within the office. It will also give them an opportunity to improve on certain matters.

Performance reviews should be one of the key responsibilities of any manager. It is a joint meeting between managers and individual members of staff, to review their performance. A performance review will give you an overall understanding of what your employees are experiencing whilst at work, and an indication of any changes that you may need to make. They also enable you to compliment your staff on their success in a one-to-one environment. This avoids both workplace jealousy and embarrassment, and gives the employee the opportunity to provide you with developments that may have occurred. Do not keep your staff in the dark about important company matters, as they will not feel integrated or part of a team.


When a problem arises, acknowledge it immediately before it becomes a serious issue. Be honest about issues with your employees whose performance fails to meet the company’s expectations. Reward those whose performance meets or exceed the company’s expectations.

To achieve daily workplace success, it is fundamental that you know how to be a supervisor and a manager. If these do not come naturally to you, they are skills that can be acquired over time. By implementing a comprehensive strategy you can ensure that you are leveraging your staff to achieve higher results, greater profitability, a low staff turnover, high morale, less stress and greater workplace happiness.