How to Effectively Praise your Employees

As a manager, it is your responsibility to evaluate and recognize the efforts of your employees. One of the top signs of a bad manager is their inability to praise their employees when needed – thus reducing the employee’s motivation and productivity. Good managers take the initiative and make the effort to let their employees know that they are appreciated in the workplace.

A few good words from a manager can have a hugely positive effect on employees. It not only raises their self-confidence but it enables them to work better and be motivated to achieve their goals. Attaining recognition in the workplace is almost equivalent to making the honor roll at school – an achievement at its best. So be a good manager and praise your employees for a better department!

Here are some ways on how to praise your employees effectively:

Be Open about It

Majority of managers feel that they cannot praise one employee in front of the others – something which is unreasonable. If you are a Sales Manager and one of your employees reaches their target, make a point to congratulate them in the presence of the rest of the team. This not only make the employee feel appreciated and have a sense of achievement, but it motivates others to accomplish more.

Do it on time

The number one mistake that managers make when praising their employees is not doing it on time. When your employee shows that they have achieved their set goal, you should make the effort to praise them as soon as possible. This will motivate them and make them feel good about their accomplishment, rather than thinking that the manager forgot to acknowledge their hard work.

Don’t ramble

Praise is best given often but in small doses. No one wants praise from a manager who goes off tangent every time someone makes a target. The praise loses its weight if the manager is unable to keep it short and sweet. Strike a balance and praise your employees in a professional manner rather than unnecessary rambling. 




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