How To Effectively Tailor Your Application For Specific Jobs


A generic job application can significantly lower your chances of getting shortlisted. Many candidates know this, but still risk sending out a dull, monotonous resume.

The best jobs on the market require a tailored application. It needs to be personalized and suitable to the vacant position. Sending out a template resume to numerous companies at once is a waste of time. Recruiters can spot a generic application from a distance. Therefore, getting through the eyes of professionals is incredibly difficult and should not be attempted with a generic CV.

These days, leaving out irrelevant experiences and skills from one’s CV isn’t enough. You need to do more in order to separate yourself from the other candidates.

Below are the best ways you can tailor your resume for a successful job search.

Set Your Target And Apply Your Research Skills

Before you can make the necessary adjustments to your application, you need to know what to change. Because of this, you need to research the company you are applying for. The objective of a tailored resume is to present yourself as a suitable candidate who would fit right in the company’s office culture.

Most people do their research online. That’s a good start, but you need to go deeper. This is the time to use your network. If you know someone in the company, ask them about what kind of person they are looking for. Once you have this information, modify your application by inserting adjectives that are similar to the company’s ideal employee.

Getting The Right Credentials

Credentials matter. Most companies have a set of credentials they are looking for that is not on the job post. This may include a degree from a specific university, or certification from a recognized institution. Remember, not just any credentials will do. Chances are most of the employees in the company you’re applying for have these credentials.

Getting them won’t be easy, especially if time is not on your side. Therefore, it is best to start tailoring your resume as early as possible, before recruitment season starts.

Aligning Your Future Goals

Most applicants make the mistake of focusing on the present. Recruiters consider new employees as investments, making the future just as important as one’s past experiences. In order to leave a lasting impression on the company, you need to align your future goals with the direction the business is going.

Is the company looking for someone who they can promote quickly? Is the vacant position only open for a committed employee who is required to work over 60 hours a week? After finding out the future goals of the company, tailor your intentions and add it to your cover letter. 

Refining Your Application

A well-tailored application is refined. Based on your research, you should have picked up phrases or jargons that the company uses frequently. Add those terms to your application, but don’t use them too often. You want the recruiter to make small connections to your relevant skills, credentials, past experiences, goals and natural ability to connect with other employees in the company. If done correctly, you’ll be back in the office for another interview in no time.

What parts of your resume do you think needs to be modified to get your dream job? Let us know what you think.




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