Elevator Sins at the Workplace

The moment I think about elevator sins at the workplace, the first image that comes to mind is of Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. On a more serious note, elevator etiquette is extremely important for any workplace. There are people that could be inconvenienced because of some bad habits that you have developed. And worse, you may not even be aware of the fact that your habits are causing discomfort to others.

The elevator is a rather innocuous place. You get into one and all you think about is reaching your destination floor. You don’t spend more than a few minutes inside the elevator and hence, you think that you can get away with anything. However, what you may think is a harmless or helpful gesture from you could be highly annoying for someone else. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the common elevator sins and refrain from committing them at your workplace.

From a survey conducted by the users of elevators across the country, some important data points emerged.

The top irritants in workplace elevators are habits related to space. For both the points mentioned next, the percentages of respondents are equal.

People get highly irritated when you stand too close to them even when there is ample space available in the elevator. People also get highly irritated when you squeeze into an elevator that is already full. You may just beat the weight limit, but you will not beat those dirty glances from fellow elevator passengers.

There is one elevator sin that we tend to commit quite often. You are inside the elevator and the doors are about to close. You see someone running to catch the elevator and you can easily hold the doors open for them. But you choose to let the doors close and the poor guy is stranded, waiting for the next turn.

As per users, this is the second most irritating elevator sin at the workplace. However, also in the list of top irritants is the habit of holding the door open for an inordinate amount of time because you are waiting for your friend or colleague.

People also get annoyed when you don’t move to let them out. Workplace elevators are mostly packed in the morning and people need space to move out. Yet, there are insensitive people that simply don’t have the sense to move out and make space. This is not a big effort, is it?

One of the deadliest elevator sins you can commit is by jumping lines. It is not someone else’s fault that you got late to reach work. You could have reached a few minutes earlier. And if you are really in a hurry, the least you can do is request people ahead to let you in first.

The last deadly sin is talking on your mobile phone when you are inside the elevator. This again is an issue with time management and you would do well to prioritise to get rid of this habit.

Think back and you will find that you or someone you know commits these elevator sins every day. It would be nice if you could get rid of this habit and also educate others in your workplace to refrain from these actions. You will see a lot more smiling faces around, in the elevator.