Email and Online Job Scams

The internet has been the driving force behind numerous progressions; however it is imperative to consider the downside and negative connotations of such developments in order to avoid potentially harmful and damaging scenarios. The introduction of email has been one that enabled individuals to connect with anyone across the globe; nevertheless the disadvantages of emails have caught the attention of many individuals recently, with scammers using this medium to victimize unsuspecting and vulnerable job seekers.

Many malicious and unscrupulous individuals have taken to target job seekers by sending emails with false information, prompting them to register and pay membership fees on false employment websites. It is important to recognize these emails and avoid clicking on the links in order to negate any chances of falling victim to an employment scam.

How to Spot the Scam

Job seekers are advised to proceed with caution in the event that they receive an email about a job opportunity. Firstly it is highly recommended to register on reputable and authentic recruitment websites; however it is possible that fraudsters pose as recruiters to obtain personal information in order to contact gullible job seekers.

Below are some factors to consider before replying to an email job post:

  • Unofficial email addresses – check the sender’s email address and ensure that it is from a legitimate company. For example an email from FindEmployment would be from a @findemployment email address and not from @yahoo or @hotmail
  • Email subject – ensure that the email subject is not unprofessional. For example: “Work from home to earn thousands! No experience required!” such a subject is trying to entice the receiver to open the email without providing any legitimate information.
  • Requires Information – most scamming emails require the receiver to go to an external link and provide personal information. This is an immediate red flag as no job offer requires the candidate to provide personal or financial details.  

Reduce Risk

The following are some tips on how to reduce chances of being targeted by an employment scam:

  • Do not open email attachments from unknown senders
  • Filter spam in your inbox
  • Do not click on links within the email
  • Install an anti virus and firewall to reduce risk of viruses
  • Do not provide any personal or financial information via email