How to Embrace the Likelihood of Non-graduate Employment

On the surface of things, every graduate is normally expected to be absorbed into graduate employment. However, in these tough economic times, there is one factor that limits the number of graduates that actually end up in graduate jobs which is none other than...

The Flawed System of Structural Employment

The greatest weakness for most graduates is the popular obsession with lucrative white and blue collar jobs. This can especially be attributed to the pride that tends to ooze out having attended prestigious universities and colleges. Plus, a majority of lecturers insist on the pursuit of graduate jobs without putting real emphasis on the resounding statistics on the ground. Consequently, many graduates end up victims of...

Blind Graduate-Employment Faith

Whenever I try to challenge formal education conservatives about the harsh reality of job markets, most of them usually shrug and say that there are jobs. In any case, they’re used to such rhetoric being fed to them since childhood without realizing that they’re not immune to change. And when you ask them for statistics, most of them will bluntly argue that ’not everyone will be unemployed’ and ’graduate jobs WILL ALWAYS be there’. They then go ahead and give some few exceptional examples such as ’If X and Y made it, then I can make it’. Such popular and superstitious beliefs only survive because of the...

Denial of Simple yet Unpopular Logic

Many graduates wouldn’t feel happy if they were informed that a majority of them won’t land graduate jobs. Yet, many are aware of the bitter truth that structural unemployment in many economies is steadily rising beyond 60% which means that only 30-40% are likely to land graduate jobs. In any case, there’s no need for me to sound far-fetched. Just do a rough survey of the number of former campus mates that are actually engaged in graduate employment. I’m usually amazed by the misery of some former campus mates who up today are still transfixed on the pursuit of graduate employment. Yet what they don’t realize is that institutions are not yet done with churning out more competition...

How then does one Embrace the Likelihood of Non-Graduate Employment?

#1 Polish up on your Non-formal Skills and Talents

Graduate courses are usually aimed at giving us a prerequisite set of skills tailor made for a particular niche of graduate jobs. So what happens in case you’re left with the job options that require non-formal skills and talents? Do you simply dismiss them because you’re formally incompetent? Or, do you take such opportunities to explore new career frontiers? Some of us are immensely talented in what we call hobbies and extra curricular activities and yet we don’t have the courage and confidence to use that to our advantage when non-graduate employment presents itself. Speaking of which...

#2 Have Contingency Engagements in Place in case of Full Unemployment

So what happens when unemployment takes a full swing at you? You’ve tried searching for graduate and non-graduate jobs but it’s all been in vain. Yes, I understand that at times, dealing with the rejection is hard but, what will you be doing during that phase of full unemployment? That’s why I usually admire and salute careerists who dare themselves to experiment with startups and other entrepreneurial engagements. Besides, you can brand yourself as a freelancer for contractual engagements or even try out some internships just to keep your skills and talents afresh. All that’s required of you is to...

#3 Have and Open, Humble and Flexible Mindset

When most of us chose careers, we had this big picture in mind. Nice suits, big SUVs, palatial offices and so on. Yet, with time, reality dawned on us that it’s very few people that actually make it to that zenith. Then there are those of us who realized down the line that we had pursued wrong courses as a result of being fed by hyped career propaganda. We then followed our true calling and decided to venture into career territories that were contrary to our initial expectations. Same case applies to clinching non-graduate jobs. Yes, the salary may not be that good or the career path might have a slight detour, but it’s better than doing nothing after having waiting in vain for graduate opportunities...

It’s said that life is full of surprises. Well, most of us tend to leave out the rude ones that present themselves when we least expect them. Then there are those that wait for ’the economy to manifest graduate jobs automatically without getting involved. Yet what they fail to realize is that the change we seek only happens when we’re in motion irrespective of people’s disparaging perceptions regarding our non-graduate options. As Tobby Robins once put it, "Change is inevitable. Progress is optional."


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