How to Embrace the Pain and Struggle of an Unfulfilling Career

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The biggest challenge many people face today is that of being stuck in an unfulfilling career. And in most cases, you’ll find that people stuck in such careers don’t really have any other option. If they do decide to quit, it means that their only source of livelihood is gone. And if they try to look for another job, it might take them several weeks or even months to do so.

Better safe than sorry

Unfortunately, in a bid to secure their unfulfilling jobs, many people do actually end up settling for them:

  • They accept it as their final career fate.
  • In any case, it’s better to pay your bills and stay afloat than wallow in financial misery as you wait for that perfect career.
  • So, the point is to basically stick to that unfulfilling job as you anticipate for lucrative opportunities to come up.

I’m not quite sure about my dream career

Besides staying afloat with a dull job, there are those that simply don’t know exactly what they want:

  • They’ve been swayed back and forth by peer influence to make career decisions throughout their lives.
  • This might be blamed on the fact that they’re not in tune with their unique personalities.
  • You’ll also find that they have zero passion in their careers.
  • Which means that the only reason they’re still in their unfulfilling jobs is just to earn a living – plain and simple.

I’m basically a career nomad

Then, of course, we’ve got a unique set of careerists that are always yearning for new career experiences:

  • They’re sure of their dream career, but they first want to have a versatile career reputation.
  • For them, an unfulfilling career doesn’t distract them from the wealth of experience and exposure they’re set to gain from different career dispositions.

How, then, does one embrace the pain and struggle of an unfulfilling career?

Of all the three that I’ve mentioned above, a common challenge is shared. It involves embracing the pain and struggle in order to stay focused. How does on achieve this?

#1 Work on your motivational incentives to keep you up-beat and optimistic

Discouragement and disappointment are part of life. That being said, I’m sure you’re not having the time of your life with the pain and struggle of an unfulfilling career. Despite this harsh reality, you’ll have to keep soldiering on:

  • But that won’t be possible unless some fuel of positive energy keeps you going.
  • You’ll need to organize your motivational incentives for different purposes.
  • If you need some deep motivation, then take some time to read inspirational books and watch encouraging talk shows.
  • If fatigue puts you down, then some video games or gym exercises would do.
  • If loneliness is killing you, then find some time to mingle with friends.

You’re definitely spoilt for choice on this one...

#2 Employ a strategic career plan backed by contingencies

It doesn’t make sense to keep complaining about your work without any career strategy to back up your claims:

  • A career plan reveals the goals and ambitions we intend to achieve at a certain point in the future.
  • It also gives us career contingency options just in case things don’t work out as planned.
  • Last time I checked, an unfulfilling career is a clear indication that things didn’t exactly work out as planned.
  • Therefore, if there are any contingencies that need to be implemented, then now would be the best time to put them into action. Speaking of which...

#3 Consider unconventional alternatives to an unfulfilling career

It’s not like someone somewhere is eagerly waiting to give you the job of your dreams. After all, everyone is waiting for everyone to solve their individual career problems – something that will never happen. This brings in the issue of unconventional alternatives:

  • If you want to quit your unfulfilling job so bad without any viable job alternatives, then it’s time to go independent.
  • If, for instance, entrepreneurship is your endgame, then seek the necessary capital to do so.
  • If freelancing is your final option, then you’ll need a worthwhile reputation to net in prospective clients.
  • However, it’s important to mention that unconventional career options are not the easier way out. In any case, you might be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Whenever we listen to inspiring stories of people that made it through the pain and struggle, we tend to get envious. We want to be like them because if we had their strength, no obstacle would seem insurmountable. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to achieving such strength. As an anonymous tip once put it, "The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow."




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