Employee Appraisals

An employee appraisal is an assessment or review of an employee’s work performance in line with pre-set targets and goals as established by management. An appraisal should cover work performance, employee potential and areas of improvement.

Essential an appraisal gives both management and an employee the opportunity to discuss various matters relating to their work and career progression.

How to conduct a successful appraisal?

-          Managers conducting an appraisal must be fully aware of the objective of the review and know enough about the employee to perform a thorough yet fair assessment

-          Consult with Trade Unions and other line managers if necessary

-          Draw up some notes on areas the employee needs to improve and strategies to assist them in developing their skills further

-          Establish reasonable targets and provide incentives to motivate employees to reach their goals

-          Keep the appraisal simple and straightforward. It should be no longer than 45 minutes in length.

Key points to consider:

  • Have the employees job description handy so you can evaluate their performance in line with their employment contractual expectations.
  • Get feedback from relevant personnel regarding the employee.
  • Rate the employee in terms of their ability and success in meeting pre-determined targets.
  • Report any critical incidents or any claims made by the employee that involve illegal activity of any kind
  • Assess the employees work performance and also their behavior as an employee.

Objectives of an employee appraisal

The primary objective of an employee appraisal is give the employee feedback on their achievements and any areas that they need to focus on. Essentially, all information discussed in the appraisal should not come as a shock to the employee if you have given regular feedback beforehand. It is important that the focus on the appraisal is a fair and objective performance review rather than a critical response to an employee’s failures.

When should appraisals take place?

As a manager, you may be responsible for a large number of employees, so it is important that you create a system to give periodical employee appraisals to each and every employee. Essentially, an appraisal should take place more than once per year, but this will depend on the type of company and number of employees. Either way, regular feedback must be given to employees so they have ample time to correct mistakes, meet deadlines, improve their skills and reach their goals.



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