Employee Benefits: How Important Are They?

Employees with benefits infographic Jobvite

Most successful companies know how to attract the most talented and skilled professionals. They also know how to keep them there. The secret to keeping employees happy is the many awesome benefits that you are willing to offer to them. These may include bonuses, rewards, trips, awards, or any kind of recognition that makes them feel valuable, appreciated, and respected.

Apart from these though, a Jobvite survey found that gym membership, flexible work, and catered lunches were the incentives employees preferred the most. In attempt to evaluate the importance of benefits to employees, the survey asked participants what benefits they enjoy now and what they would like to get from their employers. It found that 25.2% of participants felt that benefits were very important to them when looking for a job while 44% of employees would take a salary increase over any workplace perks.

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This infographic from Jobvite presents the data from the survey and explores the importance of employee benefits. Take a look, and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…