Employee Engagement: What Keeps Employees Motivated [Infographic]

Did you know that paying your employees more money to keep them motivated is the wrong approach to employee engagement? Apparently, money is not the number one factor that contributes to the majority of employees’ overall job satisfaction. Other factors such as career happiness and goals, and stress and overall work environment are also taken into consideration.

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According to this infographic from Salesforce, employees are more interested in recognition and having a healthy relationship with their colleagues and managers. This supports the idea that money is not the way forward, but engagement is. Most importantly, the majority of employees would like to be recognised for their efforts since they have the need to be noticed.

Key takeaways

  • 78% of employees said recognition is the main motivating factor in their career.
  • Almost 40% don’t feel appreciated at work.
  • Almost 70% of HR professionals regard engagement as the future challenge of businesses.
  • 72% of workers consider themselves disengaged.
  • Employee coaching, building relationships and developing dialogue increases employee engagement.

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Check out this infographic to get more information on employee engagement and learn what matters to your employees the most!




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