Employee Experience is the Key to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a major part of running a business.

Earlier this month it was Employee Appreciation Day, and some of you may have shown some form of generosity toward your workers.

What you may have never realized is that employee experience coincides with employee engagement.

While you may think your staff is happy with their workplace environment, are you really making sure that you’re providing a satisfying employee experience at all times?

If the initial interview and hiring process doesn’t entice a potential candidate, then this may make them doubtful about what the company’s workplace has to offer. If there is a lack of guidance and structure in the workplace, this may cause your employee(s) to be less engaged.

Catering to your workforce is the key here. 

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A few factors you should take into high consideration are:

  • Online Presentation
  • First Impressions
  • Informative Orientations
  • Clear and Concise Communication
  • Consistent Company Strategy Practices

Employee engagement consultant Brilliant Ink created an infographic illustrating some of the ways you can improve your employment practices.

The 2012 Employee Experience Survey was a nationwide study that assessed what employees are looking for while they search, find, or work on a job. Ten important questions were asked to cover these key factors.

The company interviewed more than 300 professional workers about their personal employee experience.

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The infographic provided, "10 Ways to Improve Your Employee Experience-Right Now," will show you how you to create the perfect experience for both your potential and current employees.

Do you find that you are more engaged at work when you have a better experience? Your thoughts and comments below please...




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