Employee Investments: How Top Performing Companies Are Nurturing Their Workforce

Working for a high-flying company is every employee’s dream. These companies are large and influential, not to mention well-regulated. They offer staff fantastic salaries, career advancement, and work incentives. Employees of these companies appear to have it all worked out for them, so what exactly are these companies doing that sets them apart from the rest?

Towers Watson’s highly informed study which is titled Tracking People Priorities And Trends In High-Performance Companies looks at trends in employee opinions from the last five years. Surveying staff from a total of 26 companies and across multiple sectors, this report highlights their attitudes about their company’s work culture, thus revealing the strategies these companies are implementing in order to foster a healthy consensus amongst their workers.

The results of this report show what well-performing companies are more invested in focusing on their staff. In terms of career development these companies are providing excellent, long-term opportunities for career growth and enhancement amongst current, new and prospective employees.

Here are some of the results of this report in regards to employee opinion about the following key areas:

Career Enhancement

  • 64% of employees think their company appropriately promotes workers who perform well in their job roles.
  • 74% of employees think their company recruits the right employees.
  • 80% of employees think their company offers staff long-term opportunities for career advancements.

When it comes to retention, this report shows that a high number of respondents (64%) believe that their company performs well when it comes to retaining the company’s most successful staff members. Other results show that a large majority of the employees that were surveyed (74%) think that training was crucial in regards to better job performance as well.

Employee Empowerment

It looks like the best performing companies allow employees to voice their own opinions, and independently offer customers a good service. Stat results have steadily increased over the last five years in response to both factors with 90% of employees stating that they thought their company gave them enough freedom in their job in regards to customers.

Other results show that 74% of respondents to this report thought that the company didn’t suppress staff opinion, and that the company fostered an environment where staff didn’t suffer penalties if their ideas were not successful (67%)

Acknowledgment and Rewards

According to this report, a majority of the employees that were surveyed (86%) thought that their manager valued their contributions. These companies didn’t just rank highly amongst their employees just for valuing their input, when it came to salary satisfaction, a large amount of employees (57%) were satisfied with their salaries.

Another secret of how these top performing companies manage to cultivate an optimistic workforce is by opting to recognise staff for good job performance rather than reward them financially. At least 69% of respondents felt that their company did this, and the same percentage also felt that the benefits that their company offered them were great, or better than other companies.


Additional findings of this report show that well-performing companies are good at making choices that reflect company values and have managers that are good at communication, capable of executing any changes.

  • 87% of respondents thought that their company was managed correctly.
  • 81% of respondents thought that company management were good at making informed choices.
  • 68% of respondents thought that any changes that occurred in the company happened at the right pace.

The four previously mentioned areas that top performing companies have invested in have proved to be very beneficial for them. A majority of workers (92%) feel they are working for a company that has a good reputation amongst its customers, and that the customer service the company provides (79%) is better than rival companies.

The results of this study show conclusively that the top performing companies that invest in HR programs that are beneficial to employees, and lead them equally are essentially far more equipped to support/share their employees’ sentiments. It also shows that solidifying the working relationship between employers and their staff is key a key trend within successful organisations.

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