Employee Meditation Space – A Step in the Right Direction

A fast paced work environment is fuelled by employees who are active, creative and motivated. Meeting deadlines, conducting meetings and completing daily tasks can often take a toll on individuals, thus making the workplace synonymous with stress, pressure and anxiety. Many companies have recognized this problem in the workplace and taken the initiative to introduce the concept of “Quiet Room” or “Meditation Space”.

What is an Employee Meditation Space?

The concept of an employee meditation room is relatively new, however a number of companies have embraced the idea and created the space for their employees. This includes Apple, Google and HBO. This demonstrates the importance of this concept and the impact it has on employees. A quiet room is a space that is developed for the primary purpose of offering employees a destination to think, reflect and de-stress themselves.

In addition to the above, it allows a space for prayer and meditation – which is a perk not many companies offer. Regardless of what religion or belief an individual has, the quiet room can be used for prayer and reflection. 

Advantages of a Quiet Room

Employees are bound to feel looked after and cared for in their company through the presence of a quiet room. It shows that the company cares about the well being of the employees and respects their desire to meditate and pray. Furthermore, a quiet room ensures that employees have a stress-free environment to relax and get away from the fast pace of the office.

Regardless of how your employees utilize this room, it is evidently going to be popular as it promotes your employee’s to take a break away from work. This is a concept that shows that the company has adopted new thinking and embraces different religions and cultures – therefore being a major factor in employee retention and loyalty.