Employees Quit Leaders, Not Companies

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Do you think an employee quits their job because of a bad company or a bad manager?... Read the article to find out what makes an employee truly happy.

Our generation is constantly looking for purpose in life. In our professional lives, we are restless, endlessly searching for the ideal career path.

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Yes, it is true; most of us need to work hard to pay our way in this world, but, this isn’t just about having a nice job; it is also about having the best role models, too.

Give Your Employees a Reason to Stay

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Life assigns the leaders in our life from the time we are kids. We don’t get to pick our parents, coaches or teachers, but these are the people who have the greatest influence on our development process. They can either encourage us to grow or likewise, bully us and totally crush our spirit.

We never forget the people who lit a fire in our little hearts - the ones who had confidence in us and encouraged us to be stronger and better. Those leaders guide us throughout life and maybe, we are on a mission to reconnect with these types of leaders in our working life, too.

This is one of the most important things a manager should know about their workplace. A person is not at your company solely for their salary or other perks, they are here for what you bring to the table as their leader and biggest supporter. This is what truly makes an employee happy and committed to your organization.

Yes, maybe some people quit their jobs to work at a different company where the pay is higher. But, if you look further into it, it is the dissatisfaction and restlessness that makes most employees leave their job.

Loyalty for Loyalty

Employers need to demonstrate loyalty and by doing that, they will also get back loyal employees willing to work hard for the good of the company. You can do this by clarifying your goals, showing trust in your employees with important information, give them growth opportunities and being aware of the idea that employees are also people and not robots.

Attract and Retain

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Yes, as a manager you have a lot of responsibilities, but remember that you cannot do it all by yourself. You are one of the essential reasons an employee has joined your company in the first place so you certainly do not want any dissatisfied employees because that will eventually turn into a high turnover rate and loss of great talent.

Of course, sometimes you will lose some employees - it is unavoidable. But, if you see that one employee quits after the other it might be time to take a step back and think about your leadership style.

Do you agree that people quit their managers and not companies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…




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