Ending Your Day, the Right Way

Though the first five minutes of our morning sets the standard for the rest of the day, we should never overlook the importance of ending our day on the right note. Doing so will set the tone for your evening and ensure that you leave the office feeling as if you have achieved something. So read on to discover how you can do more to end your day, the right way...

End your day on a positive note

Do something positive at the end of each day, such as congratulating an employee on doing well that day, dropping a thank you note to a client or helping out a colleague who is struggling to meet a deadline. 

Evaluate your to-do list... and re-write it

Evaluate your to-do list, establishing what’s been done from what hasn’t. Take the time to figure out what you’ll still have pending for tomorrow, and create a fresh to-do list ready for tomorrow. Organisation is key to a productive day.

Review your schedule

Check to see what you have pending for tomorrow. Do you have a meeting coming up? A job interview scheduled? Refresh your memory so you feel more prepared and organized before you vacate the building.

Check in with your employees

There’s no better way to close the day than by checking in with your employees. This will ensure that you maintain regular communication with them and establish the status of any projects that they are working on. Not only will this keep them on their toes but you’ll also know where they stand for tomorrow.

Tidy your area

Always clean up your desk before you leave. Clean your cup, organise your papers, put your pens together and neatly collect your things. Mentally, this is a very stimulating activity that says ‘my day is done’. In doing so, you are allowing yourself the mental closure to switch off.

Shut down

Disconnect from your work – emotionally, physically and mentally. Switch off your mobile, or at least your email alerts. This will help you to cut yourself off from your responsibilities and gain some closure from the day behind you.


Never come home from work, make dinner then go straight to bed. Your brain needs time to switch off from all the goings on of that day (whether it was stressful or not). You need to take some time to yourself; read a book or watch a film. Alternatively, you could arrange social events with friends and family so that you are in a happy and positive mindframe before bedtime. 




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