How to Enhance Your Ecommerce Product Pages

Nowadays, online shopping has become increasingly popular with many people. It is not only convenient, but also offers shoppers a wider variety of options. To maximize sales, online retailers need to ensure that their product pages are well designed. Here are some ideas which will help you enhance your ecommerce product pages:

1. Add quality product images

When it comes to selling products online, images are very vital. Since they can’t touch the products physically, shoppers make a buying decision based on what they can see. Therefore, be sure to have several clear images in your product pages. Preferably, these images should show the item from different angles. It would also be advisable to install a zoom feature which would enable visitors to get a close-up view.

2. Personalise your product descriptions

Besides product images, product descriptions are also very vital for ecommerce. A compelling description of your product will increase the chances of making a sale. However, avoid the temptation of simply copying and pasting the description provided in the manufacturer’s website. This will not only put off your visitors, but could also get you penalised by Google for using duplicate content. Therefore, to make your ecommerce store stand out, take time to create your own original product descriptions. Make them as unique and interesting as possible. Adding a personal touch will make it easier for you to connect with your customers.      

3. Include customer reviews

Many people, especially first time customers, would want to ascertain your credibility before buying any of your products. Reviews can play a great role in winning the trust of your prospects. Get in touch with some of your satisfied customers and ask them to write a brief review of your products. However, don’t be tempted to use fake testimonials since this will ultimately have an adverse effect on your reputation. To make your reviews credible, be sure to include the name, location and photo of the customer. You could also add their email address and website URL.

4. Have fast-loading pages

Most shoppers are very impatient individuals. If your pages take too long to load, they are likely to click away and go to a competitor’s site. Therefore, to avoid losing customers, make sure your pages load as fast as possible. Get rid of flash designs that slow down your pages. In addition, avoid using too many images and videos. Ideally, your product pages should not take more than 5 seconds to load.

5. Indicate product availability

It can be very frustrating to choose a product and add it to the shopping cart, only to discover later that it is out of stock. In such a situation, you are not only likely to lose a customer, but also gain a poor reputation. It is therefore very important to indicate product availability in your product pages.

6. Include shipping and returns information

Before customers make a buying decision, they would want to know the cost of shipping as well as the return policy. Therefore, including this information on your product pages will enhance your chances of making a sale.

With the increasing popularity of ecommerce, there are many online stores out there competing for the attention of customers. Applying the tips above will help improve your product pages, and thus stand out from the competition.




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