How to Enhance Your Sales Page Conversions

Conversion rate refers to the number of web page visitors who perform a specific action. This could be buying a product or simply clicking an ad. For instance, if 1,000 people visit your site and 10 perform the desired action, then your conversion rate is 1%. It is very important for every online marketer to keep track of the conversion rate of their sales page.

Here are some guidelines that can help you enhance your conversion rates:

1. Call to action button

One of the best ways of improving your conversion rates is using large and attractive call to action buttons. Use eye catching colors such as orange to grab the attention of your visitors. It would be advisable to use title case for the text in your button. A few examples would be ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add To Cart’. Don’t forget to include click triggers such as ‘50% Off’ or ‘Money Back Guarantee’.

2. Headline

A powerful headline can be very effective for drawing attention to your sales pages. If the headline is compelling enough, visitors will want to read the rest of your content. Some of the most effective headlines are those starting with ‘Most popular…’, ‘Top 10…’ and ‘How to…’

Other headlines which could enhance your conversion rates include:

  • ‘The secret of…’
  • ‘Little known ways to…’
  • ‘What you didn’t know about…’
  • ‘Here’s a quick way to…’

3. Image

Besides text, your sales pages should also include pictures of the product you are selling. This way, visitors will have a better idea of what they will be buying. If the product has several dimensions, be sure to post photos taken from different angles. It would also be advisable to add a feature which will enable your visitors to magnify the image for better viewing.

4. Font

You need to ensure that the font on your sales page is easy to read. Some of the best fonts for web pages include Verdana, Tahoma and Arial. Make sure the size is neither too small nor too big for your readers. An appropriate size would be between 12-14 points.

5. Product details

Your sales pages should have detailed descriptions of each product you are selling. Explain the different features of your product and how customers could benefit from using it. Where applicable, don’t forget to mention the different sizes and colors that are available. Let visitors know why your product stands out from the competition. This will enhance their chances of buying.

6. Focus

The product you are selling should be the only focus of your sales page. Don’t make the mistake of adding irrelevant content which could distract your visitors. For instance, if you are selling women’s clothing, don’t include images/ads for fitness equipment. Your visitors might end up clicking on the ads and forgetting about your sales page.

7. Testimonials

Customer testimonials can be a very effective way of enhancing your conversion rates. Be sure to include a few of these testimonials in your sales page. However, avoid the temptation of creating fake testimonials since this could have adverse effects on your reputation.


Applying these guidelines properly is guaranteed to improve your conversion rates.

Image source: Mashable




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