How to Enjoy a Sick Day!

There are usually two reasons why we take a sick day: either we really are sick, or we just want a day to ourselves. Unfortunately, both types of sick day can be tough to enjoy; if you are sick and you feel horrendous, it can put a real downer on your day. If you’re not really sick but you just need a day to yourself, the guilt monster can easily creep its way in. But, don’t despair, there are ways to enjoy that rare day off and here’s how!

Non-sick sick days

If you’re not really sick, taking a day off can make you feel a little guilty, but don’t; sometimes everyone needs a day to replenish so don’t beat yourself up about it! As long as it doesn’t become a regular occurrence and your boss doesn’t become suspicious, when you’re feeling run down and you need some time out, a day out of the office can really help.

If you find you’re needing more and more sick days like this, make sure to get yourself checked out at the doctors, there may be something more to your feeling run down, perhaps a vitamin deficiency, a virus, depression or anxiety; so make sure you keep a close eye on your health.

Real-sick sick days

So what do you do if you feel really sick? First of all try not to worry. Most illnesses will clear up within a day or two or, if you’re really unfortunate, within a week or two; rarely will you have something truly serious. If you do think something is seriously wrong with you, make an appointment with your doctor ASAP to get checked out and hopefully set your mind at rest.

So, if it’s not serious but you have the latest cold, bout of flu or stomach bug, here’s what to do:

Set yourself up at the beginning of the day:

  1. Send any emails that you need to send i.e. to your boss or colleagues to let them know you won’t be in the office, and then switch off your phone. If you are really sick and you need some time out the last thing you need to do is answer emails and keep your stress levels high. So if you’re going to go to the trouble of taking the day off treat yourself to some respect and enjoy it.
  2. Be sure to get any drinks, food, DVDs, music and crossword puzzles to hand. Allow yourself to lie on the couch or in bed for the full day with all your bits and pieces within reach.

Look after number 1:

  1. Put on your favourite TV show or DVD and get lost in it. Don’t think about anything other than yourself and the program you’re watching. More often than not it can be really fun to watch all of your childhood favourites or just something that makes you feel comforted like a comedy or your favourite series. This can work the same with your favourite foods. If your mum used to make you rice pudding when you were sick as a child, get a tin and treat yourself. Today is not the day to worry about that diet.
  2. Tell your partner, husband or flatmates that you’re unwell and get them to look after you. If you live alone call a friend or family member even if it’s just to whine a little: it can make you feel 100 times better.

Just remember, you’ll be feeling 100% again in no time! In the mean time, look after number one and take that much needed rest! Your body knows best!

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