How to Enjoy the Present Moment Despite Being Stuck in an Unsatisfactory Career

There are many components that define an unsatisfactory career. The usual are, of course, poor working conditions, poor pay and underemployment, just to name a few. We read about these challenges all the time in newspapers and blog posts. We’ve even witnessed unsatisfactory careers with the kind of jobs our friends and loved ones are presently involved in. But what if you’re the one that’s stuck in an unsatisfactory career?

Fake it till you make it

  • This mantra has been sung over and over again by motivational speakers, religious leaders and also our close friends and family.
  • My intention is not to discredit this notion.
  • However, it is important to realize that life will always be life, whether you fake it till you make it or not.
  • People get undeserved jobs all the time.
  • Others that have faked it for a long time now and may never make it to the top.

Indeed, we’ve been told over and over again that…

The best ideas in the world are preserved in graves

Think about it. The mind has been trained to wait for the perfect conditions and ‘the right moment’ to make things happen:

  • Unfortunately, when these perfect situations fail to unfold, then the ego is bruised.
  • You thus find yourself shelving incredible ideas for so long that, with time, your faith runs out. This is a major problem that’s prevalent in the world today.
  • And since careers shape our lives in very profound ways, many people’s ideas will never come to fruition.

Why so?

Unsatisfactory careers have become a blame game monopoly

I get it. Without a great career, you lack the necessary funds, connections and resources to propel your ideas forward. Problem is, people dwell on that and stop there. But let’s look on the flip side of things:

  • How many stories have you heard involving people rising from the limiting confines of poverty to conquer the world?
  • Just look at the most influential people in the world today. Most of them never came from well-off families.
  • Talk of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and many more that I know you would gladly mention. If these people had merely focused on their unsatisfactory career, then we wouldn’t have even heard of them in the first place.

So what’s their secret, anyway?

  • It’s not rocket science to understand at this point that these influential people had to start somewhere – an unsatisfactory career.
  • But, unlike their counterparts, they learned to enjoy the present moment despite their prevailing circumstances.
  • Their unsatisfactory careers did not stop them from following their dreams.

Which brings us to the main challenge at hand…

How does one enjoy the present moment despite being stuck in an unsatisfactory career?

1. Maximize on the Season

Think of a farmer. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, there are activities assigned to every season:

  • Unfortunately, being stuck in an unsatisfactory career can trigger us to complain, especially if things aren’t progressing fast enough.
  • But challenges don’t have attitudes. It’s we who label them and thus magnify the situation.
  • So, how about you flip things around and instead magnify your potential? This is the secret behind maximizing on a season.
  • Let the unsatisfactory career be the gym that prepares you for the varying range of challenges ahead.
  • That way, when opportunity knocks, you’ll have the necessary indifference to maximize on the season.

2. Embrace the Simple Pleasures of Life

Now that we’ve established that it’s just a season, it’s time to reclaim your happiness which you’ve stored in your FUTURE dream career. So, let’s set things straight:

  • You’re not assured of tomorrow. As harsh as it may sound, that’s the truth.
  • But you’re definitely assured of one thing – THE PRESENT.
  • This very moment you’re reading this article SHOULD BE the happiest you’ve ever had or will ever have. Why?
  • Because dwelling on past and future happiness scatters the pleasures of life.
  • But if you learn to focus on every passing moment, then you don’t need a future expensive trip to Disneyland to be happy.
  • Just look at the birds. They’re happy, jovial and focused on the present by embracing the simple pleasures of life.
  • It’s we who abuse our intelligence and bring sadness upon ourselves with concerns that I can assure you will never end.

3. Live Your Dream Now

Yes, I know, you have already started pointing out physical deficiencies that harshly define your present unsatisfactory career. You might even be tempted to be sarcastic and think that I’m referring to magic trickery, but that is further from the truth:

  • Instead, I want you to look around and point out anything that was never designed from the premise of thought in the first place.
  • “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” is a Biblical verse that has flooded many sermons for decades.
  • A philosopher once said that without thought, not even a blade of grass would grow by an inch.
  • Think about it. Every circumstance and situation that you’re stuck in at the moment can be attributed to the singular invisible master called thought.
  • So, how about you shift gears beyond the ‘fake it till you make it’ mantra?
  • If you want to become a CEO, let it start in the mind. LIVE IT NOW!
  • The paycheck may be negligible and the job may be ‘pathetic’, but when people talk to you, let them understand where you’re headed.
  • As we said earlier, it’s just for a season. So what’s with the fuss anyway?

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In short, ladies and gentlemen, don’t be afraid to die tomorrow. Instead, be afraid of not living in the present, because the present moment is the only assurance you’ve got. As the saying goes, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Do you believe in career fate?




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