How to Entice the Best Twitter Follow Backs

Lately, Twitter has rapidly transformed into this battleground for ego supremacy through the high number of followers. And as a result, many have opted to seek twitter users that are willing and humble enough to follow back.

Well, someone might argue that getting follow backs on twitter is as easy as indicating on your bio that you’ll follow back anyone that follows you. The problem with that is:

  • You’ll get a huge response from spam profiles usually generated by people who sell twitter followers.
  • Consequently, when you follow “spammy” profiles, your timeline will always be filled with irrelevant and unnecessary jargon.
  • It gives a bad impression of vengeful desperation to gain followers so to speak.
  • Makes you seem like your sole purpose on twitter is seeking attention merely through follow backs.
  • Limits your twitter experience to a rather frustrating hustle of balancing followers vs non-followers.

This goes to show that indeed, you want to entice the best Twitter followers while still enjoying useful tweets that come from people who share common ideals as you do. And you don’t necessarily have to be limited to like-minded individuals because at times, it’s the level of maturity that counts. So, the real challenge here is, how do you entice the best twitter follow backs?

#1 Tweet useful content that targets a particular niche through meaningful hashtags and the keyword mechanism
What many don’t realize is the fact that tweets are actually magnets for attracting engagement with like-minded twitter followers. For instance, if your tweets depict prowess in the fashion industry, then soon enough, some few characters in the fashion industry might be interested in you and follow you back. But what would make a stranger half across the world notice your tweets?

  • Your choice of words can actually be trendy keywords that entice a certain niche of twitter users towards your tweets and your profile. 
  • (Tip) Also ensure that your bio has strong keyword density for your targeted niche. That way, you’ll increase chances of being followed once users search for whom to follow using certain keywords. 
  • You also have the choice of spreading your trend influence through the use of hash tags.

#2 Salute interesting Twitter profiles through frequent replies, favorites and re-tweets
Besides being self-centered, you’ve also got to show other twitter users that you care. Well, just be honest enough to show real interest and leave out the mere gestures meant to gain followers. 

  • Thus… in a bid to show interest; you should salute interesting twitter users once in a while through favorites, re-tweets and a few replies in terms of meaningful feedback. 
  • That way, they’ll notice you and eventually, you might get the meaningful follow backs that you’ve always wanted.

#3 Strike a balance between followers and following
Though we hate to admit it, a person’s stature on twitter is largely measured by their follower numbers. And since you’re not that influential, you want to show that you actually follow back. 

  • If the numbers are balanced, then it’s clear evidence that you’ll keep your word once you get followed. 
  • However, don’t expect any follow backs soon if there’s a phenomenal disparity between following and followers. That privilege is usually a preserve of well-known, influential and globally recognized verified twitter users.

It’s rather unfortunate that twitter has become a subliminal battleground for ego supremacy. Thus, ordinary people and new twitter users get hurt and end up feeling alone and insignificant especially when they’ve got few followers to listen to their opinions. And I believe that there’s a better way of making the twitter experience enjoyable across the board irrespective of one’s following. But as for now, if you’re not famous, then follow backs might actually be the best bet in gaining meaningful followers for the long haul.

  • WORD OF CAUTION: In a bid to gain follow backs as quickly as possible; many twitter users result to aggressive following. That is, following many people on a small time frame in order to gain follow backs real fast. But according to Twitter Policy, aggressive following might lead to account suspension. So tread carefully to enjoy the follow back experience.


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