How to Establish a Core Career Purpose Despite Divergent Career Prospects

Tough are the economic times we live in and as such, the job market isn’t as accommodating as it was before. Stiff competition is rife amid the obvious dwindling of job opportunities. That of course is an anthem we’re used to and I have no intention to bore you with the obvious details. But I’d like to bring to light some key trends that might actually be overlooked...

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Career Stereotypes are Fast Fading Away

The rigid career choices available in higher education institutions are no longer the monopolistic factor in shaping our career destiny. In fact, many courses at the moment are outdated because they offer ineffective historical solutions to emerging modern-day challenges.

Employers are no longer dancing to the tune of Higher Education Curricular

The most successful start-ups are successful simply because they address relevant challenges that we face in the world today:

  • Unfortunately, the education system is being left behind on this.
  • Then of course, there is the OVER-flooding of popular academic credentials in job markets worldwide.
  • Yet for some reason, people still go for the same flooded courses simply because they’re popular. This is a paradox that is yet to be given any serious thought by education stakeholders.
  • All in all, employers are very much aware of the unwillingness by education institutions to revolutionize their courses.
  • In any case, the profits realized by these institutions are good so apparently, there’s really nothing much to worry about for now.

The good old days of Permanent Jobs are Fast Fading away

The scales are being balanced and I’ll use government jobs as an example:

  • Governments burdened with a bloating wage bill have realized that they’re either overpaying undeserving employees or under-appreciating the hard working ones.
  • So to curb the menace once and for all, they’re opting for performance contracts to balance work input and corresponding remuneration.
  • Moreover, temporary contractual employment seems to be the norm these days to avert civil unrest over insufficient wages.
  • In essence, government and employers in general are no longer willing to bind themselves with salaried workers unless they first show consistency in their temporary engagement.

How then Does one Establish a Core Career Purpose Despite Divergent Career Prospects

Nowadays, it’s quite rare to hear of people that worked in a company for say 20 yrs or so. As we mentioned earlier, temporary contractual engagements seem to be the norm. Talk of freelancing, internships and many other forms of temporary engagements. These kind of job opportunities expose us to divergent career prospects. Problem is though, how does one establish a core purpose after all that experience?


1. Shape up a Versatile Career Reputation

There are jobs we’ve been involved in that are so different that we don’t even know where to begin defining ourselves. And so you’ll find that people who’ve tarmacked different kinds of jobs tend to conclude that they’re merely confused. Far from the contrary, different career experiences are like a unique buffet of skills waiting to be defined in the context of a versatile career reputation.

2. Use your Unique and Versatile Career Opportunities to Re-think the Box

Remember, most people are looking for jobs and that’s it:

  • However, for those who possess unique and versatile career skills, it isn’t merely a question of job seeking. But instead, they always re-think the box.
  • They see problems in our world today as opportunities waiting for someone to exploit with profitable returns.
  • Use your divergent career prospects as an opportunity to broaden your mindset and thus see the untapped potential waiting to be materialized.

3. Establish Connections that might be of Profound Help in the Future

Life has an uncanny way of surprising us with help from the most unlikely of people:

  • When we’re vulnerable and no friend comes to aid, a friendly stranger from past career experiences might swoop in and save the day.
  • We’ve also seen enemies becoming the best of companions while at the same time we’ve seen friends turn out to be the worst of foes.
  • The bottom line is for us to establish acquaintances as many peoples as you possibly can.
  • Practice indifference and avoid using friendly appeal as a limiting factor.
  • In any case, you should consider career acquaintances as parents.
  • You may not always be on friendly terms but there is no telling how much they can be of help beyond friendly company.

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We live in a world of sophisticated lifestyles that can either define you or tear you apart. But if you establish a core purpose in life and in your career, then you’ll always be on the right track. As T.D. Jakes once said, "If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you to your right purpose."




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