How To Establish a Good Reputation as a Work-at-Home Employee

Whether you have become drained from the concrete jungle or you’re a working parent, becoming an at-home remote worker is a great opportunity. Although it can be quite a challenge at first, telecommuting when working for a company provides new opportunities and gives you the chance to showcase your skills without any supervision.

According to United States Census data, more than 13 million Americans work from home at least one day a week. Other research has concluded that people who work remotely are happier with their jobs, while the stress related to your occupation diminishes.

It’s no secret that it takes discipline, exemplary work ethic and dedication to work from home, especially when you’re on the company’s time. It’s indeed important to establish a good reputation and to let management understand that you’re responsible enough to work in the comfort of your home and to accomplish whatever tasks need to get done.

Here are some tips on how to establish a good reputation as a work-at-home employee at your company.

Hard Work

For those just beginning to work remotely, it could be very difficult to adapt to the situation. Many feel that working from home means you get to do laundry, watch television and pig out. Change this perception that people have by working hard, submitting your assignments on time, accomplishing the task at hand correctly the first time and by dedicating yourself to your work during the scheduled hours.

Schedule & Routine

The company would be displeased if your schedule consistently changed: one day you begin work at noon, while the next day you’re starting really early in the morning. Adopt a schedule and stick to a normal routine: work the regular office hours (9 to 5 or whatever the office’s operating hours are), take a one-hour lunch and minimal breaks and work the full seven or eight hours without going to a movie in the afternoon or ironing clothes. Management will realize they can really depend on you.


Once you become a remote worker that doesn’t mean you’re a recluse who hides himself away from the company. This just means you’re doing the job you’ve been hired to do but remotely. It would be prudent to regularly communicate with management, supervisors and your colleagues by email, telephone or Skype. Consistent contact shows you’re still dedicated to the job and it keeps you in the loop of things.

Visiting the Office

Again, working away from the office doesn’t mean you’re a hermit. This can be circumvented by visiting the office once or twice a week to collaborate with your colleagues and superiors, update them on the work completed and perhaps even have a friendly conversation about what has happened while you have been gone.

Social Media

Sometimes management might check out their employees’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. While you’re working during the day at home, avoid the temptation of searching through Facebook, tweeting out messages about how great it is to work from home and refrain from taking pictures of your household (cats do cute things we know) or other surroundings.

Social media can be a great tool for your career, if used correctly. One way to utilize social networks is to post links to articles that have information pertaining to your company or a video that showcases an interesting element about the industry you’re involved in.

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Help Colleagues

Let’s face it: others want to work from home too. Therefore, they might resent you getting the perk of telecommuting and may even get the impression that you’re better than them (it’s their own insecurity). This can be circumvented by offering to help out colleagues, such as filling in for an employee who can’t make it in for the day or taking on extra work from a fellow worker who is ill.

Workstation & Attire

Is your workstation the coffee table in the living room? Is it 2 p.m. and you’re still in your pajamas? Well, this might not bode well in the long-term, especially if your boss or manager decides to have a visit and talk about work. No matter what time of the workday it is, always complete your work at a neat and clean workstation wearing proper office attire.

Do you regularly work from home? Let us know how you enjoy it in the comment section.




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