How to Establish Strong Moral Boundaries in Your Career

Different career dispositions expose people to different degrees of immorality, so to speak. Thus, you’ll find that the probability of indulging in immorality has a lot to do with the career environment that one is exposed to. That’s why it’s imperative for us to establish some strong moral boundaries when it comes to...

#1 The Roles Assigned to us at the Workplace

Presuming that you’re not supervised by a dictatorial boss, many of us get the chance to choose the kind of tasks that best suit us:

  • That being said, there are some roles that might compromise on your moral principles.
  • But for some reason, it seems like many people are nowadays more inclined to betray their own principles and beliefs, so long as it brings in some extra income in these tough economic times.

#2 The Circle of Work mates we Befriend

Though we may find ourselves working with some immoral workmates, it’s essential to interact strictly on professional grounds:

  • But what if ALL your fellow workmates seem to be against your moral principles?
  • Will you constantly get offended all the time, or will you be liberal enough to brush off such distractive impulses and focus on the main agenda at hand?
  • In any case, we are now living in a global village of diverse races and cultures.
  • So you can either choose to adapt and thrive or you can simply wallow in misery wishing for perfectly moral situations. 

#3 The Kind of Clients we Follow up on

Clientèle is a powerful force in business practice as well as personal career growth. So unless you’re working under strict policies that prohibit friendly interaction, then you’ll find that many companies do actually allow workers to keep loyal clients through friendship:

  • But then again, we live in a world that’s quite unsafe to say the least.
  • And the best criminal elements in society are in fact the best pretenders you can ever come across. Efficient liars that will fit perfectly into any pretentious role just to fulfil their evil desires.
  • These things don’t just happen on TV shows. So the last thing you want is to actually be at the epicentre of such evil plots.

How then does one establish Strong Moral Boundaries in their Career?

It should dawn on you by now that it’s the small decisions that we make in the workplace that gradually expose us to varying dispositions of immoral exposure. Moreover, it calls for one to be vigilant and have strong foundational principles to withstand any frequent impulses of immorality. And as we mentioned earlier, we live in an imperfect world coupled by plenty of imperfect people. That being said, it is important to establish strong moral boundaries in your career by...

#1 Taking some Alone Time to Reflect on your Daily Activities

I do understand that people are too busy nowadays to find some free time for themselves. And if they do, it’s usually spent in social activities, entertainment or something similar:

  • However, this is in fact a rather unfortunate scenario because in essence, you never take time to nourish your mind, soul and spirit.
  • So it wouldn’t hurt to squeeze out a few minutes every day strictly for you and you alone.
  • Otherwise, if you don’t reflect on your life, then you’ll find yourself being easily swayed by any immoral influence that you come around.

#2 Maximizing on the various Media Facilities at your Disposal

Speaking of nourishing yourself, you’ll also have to take advantage of every media apparatus at your disposal. It is also important to mention at this point that in this present age of vast information, ignorance is a choice:

  • So really, if you get left behind in humanity’s collective evolution, then you’ll never get to know how to handle emerging moral challenges.
  • Plus of course, we all know the usual media facilities at our disposal - TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and even the internet.
  • You could even decide to go classical and read books by renowned authors.
  • We are indeed privileged to be born in an era of abundant and overflowing knowledge. Thus, you can only blame yourself if you fail to fully exploit it...

#3 Consulting and Socializing with Acquaintances that Share the Same Moral Fabric

If you’re the kind that constantly socializes from a superficial perspective, then you’ll find yourself easily swayed by shallow friends who will gladly scamper the very moment trouble comes knocking:

  • So you really need to choose friends with deep moral roots.
  • These are the kind of friends that would gladly take a bullet for you because of the kind of trust you share.
  • Such trust can only be achieved if both parties share the same moral fabric.
  • If you do know of such a friend, then now is the time to make them a close ally.
  • Plus the good thing is, such a friend won’t sugar coat the truth for you when giving you moral advice.
  • In any case, finding such an honest and loyal friend is so hard these days.

Ultimately, establishing moral boundaries has a lot to with the real power that controls your life. If you’re easily swayed by peer pressure to betray your moral standards, then you’re very much vulnerable to immoral situations. But if you’re sure of your moral boundaries, then the words of Scott Fitzgerald sum it up when he said, "Either you think for yourself or else others have to think for you and take the power from you."