Evaluating a New Employee

So you’ve just filled an available vacancy and now have a strong workforce that is able to fulfill daily workplace requirements. What next? Don’t allow yourself to become complacent. Just because you have hired someone who’s right for the position, doesn’t mean it’s going to remain that way. As a recruiter it is of utmost importance to perform regular reviews on your employees. This will give you a clear indication of how they are performing and where they may need guidance and support.

Evaluating a new employee...


Have they prepared well for their first few weeks of employment? Are they organized throughout the working day? Do they ask lots of questions that contribute towards their workplace success?


Picking up the job quickly and accurately is advantageous to employers, and will work wonders for the employee as they will be able to work their way up the career ladder much more quickly.

Being dependable

Many managers place dependability over intelligence. Although an intelligent person can learn the job, some people cannot learn how to be relied upon. Consistency in the workplace is what matters and managers will keep an eye on a new employee’s dependability from day one. If you have a dependable employee, you are more likely to assign them job tasks and give them greater responsibilities.

Time management

Employers want a candidate who works hard and comes to work on time. Good time management skills are vital to a successful employee, and if you notice that they have taken a few longer-than-expected lunch breaks or are arriving at work late, don’t be afraid to pick up on this early on. Kick bad habits before they become common practice.




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