Evaluating an Employee in 10 Easy Steps

When evaluating an employee you will need to have a performance checklist to hand to ensure that you can effectively and consistently measure performance. Otherwise you will encounter complications and loopholes during your evaluation process.

Below is a list of useful criteria that can be used to assess an employee during the evaluation process. When using the list, apply a number that best matches the candidate, based on your own numbering system (e.g. 1 – 10, 1 being very weak, 10 being very strong):


How much initiative does the employee take on a day to day basis? Are they able to implement their own ideas and concepts without having to be told what to do?


Has his or her attendance had a negative impact on the department? Does the individual take numerous sick leave days? Or has their attendance been excellent overall?


Has their attitude become problematic recently, or are they always ready and willing to undertake a task without complaint? How do they behave around different people? Yourself? Their peers? Other managers?

Communication skills

Is the individual easily able to communicate a point, or is this process taxing and difficult for them? Ability to successfully communicate in the workplace is paramount to employee success.


Can the employee easily focus on the task at hand, or are they easily distracted? Some employees are exceptional at what they do, but are easily distracted and unable to focus for a certain period of time on a given task.

Quality of work

Has there been positive or negative feedback regarding their quality of work? What can you observe from their work quality?


Is the employee consistently competent and dependable? Would you go to him or her for an important task?

Stress management

Does the employee cope well under stress? How do they interact with others when they are experiencing stress?


Some employees prefer to work alone but in many office environments having decent teamwork skills is vital. Does the employee pitch in at times when the department is short handed? Are they willing to muck in with a tedious or difficult task?

Improvement from previous evaluation

A fundamental factor during the evaluation process is to assess the results of the previous evaluation with today’s one. Have they shown signs of improvement or digression?





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